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Just discovered this part of the site, been exploring since August, mostly adding decks I can't otherwise build (from lack of sufficient funds.)

Nothing much to say, been collecting GT cards since the beginning of the year, had a few Z cards a couple of years back, but I lost 'em. Nuts to me, I guess...

As usual, no one I know is capable of learning this card game, my sister quit playing Pokemon with me a while back because of my superior collection (pathetic, right?), so now I'm all alone in the West TN universe.  <_<

Anywho, need some help with OCTGN image packs, but other than that, I find TopTier amazing! Love DB so much! :D

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Where in west TN do you live? If you are ever in Middle TN (Dickson) on Saturday, you could play me or my buddy. The store is called Blackthorn Game Center.

The location's Lakeland, between Memphis and Arlington. Sorry, but unfortunately I'm 15 and it's the school year.


Thanks prince, Killa, and Sphere!!!

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