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Jason Harrison

my trade place

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Here are the cards I have and some that I want/need.

lv 1 Piccolo composed pack foil
lv 2 piccolo anticipating HT/Starter
lv 3 Piccolo ferocious HT/Starter
lv 1 Piccolo stoic HT/Starter
lv 4 Piccolo fused HT/Starter
lv 4 Piccolo revitalized HT/Starter
Lv3 vegeta super saiyan pack foil
lv 3 Master Roshi, catcher pack foil
Lv1 master roshi, restrained foil
Jiece, Ginyu force - foil
Korin, watching from afar - foil
lv 3 trunks, defiant pack foil
lv 4 Android 17, in action HT/Starter
lv 1 Android 18, directing HT/Starter
lv 2 Android 18, threatening HT/Starter
lv 3 Android 18, effective HT/Starter
lv 4 Android 18, determined HT/Starter
lv 2 Garlic jr, crazed pack foil
lv 2 Goku, motivated HT/Starter
lv 3 Goku, calm pack foil
lv 4 Krillin, reraged HT/Starter

lv 1 Frieza, Tyran HT/ Starter

lv 2 Frieza, Transformed HT/Starter

lv 3 Frieza, Galactic Conquerer

lv 4 Frieza, Revived

Orange Adept mastery Starter foil
Red Enraged mastery HT foil

Rares and foils
orange energy evasion foil
orange palm blasts foil
orange precise shot foil
orange electricity
orange distracting beam foil
orange reading drill
orange accumulated burst
orange fracture foil
orange hoping drill
orange catch foil
orange possession drill
orange dodge
orange spotlight
orange freezing drill
orange truck lift foil
Orange sword chop
Orange earthquake foil
Orange immense blast
namekian overcharge
namekian waiting
namekian waiting foil
namekian dragon clan
namekian enhancement
namekian crushing slam foil
Namekian energized bash
namekian counter blast foil
namekain shocking drill foil
namekian surprise attack 3x
namekian high knee
namekian confident burst
Namekian ending
Namekian dash
Namekian pep talk
blue overpowering drill
blue overpowering drill foil
blue transportation drill
blue entertaining drill 2x
blue training
blue restraint foil
blue wash
blue taming technique
blue farewell foil
blue toss
blue stretch kick foil
Blue blanketing blasts
Blue decapitation foil
Blue discharge
black reflection
black discovery
black confident shot
black refusal foil
black fist lock foil
black mischievous drill foil
black hair trap foil
black resistance foil
black signal foil
black learning drill
black wilt foil
black extreme blast
black extreme blast foil
black energy bubble foil
black daze
black flying knee foil
black chin kick
black dismissal foil
black declaration
black analysis foil
Black dispersion foil
Black dive
Black impatience
Black drain 2x
saiyan overhead flare
saiyan ki burst
saiyan aerial attack foil
saiyan body blow foil
saiyan body blow
saiyan smack foil
saiyan peace
saiyan foot stomp foil
saiyan prelude foil
saiyan dash
saiyan tracking blast
saiyain intimidation P1 foil 3x
saiyan intimidation
saiyan charged kick
saiyan arrival
saiyan triangle beams foil
Saiyan extinguishing blast
Saiyan overpowering aura drill
Saiyan terrifying strike foil
Saiyan thrust
Saiyan trample
red combined blast
red embarrassing drill
red back bash 2x
red channel surfing drill 2x
red powerful strike
red vault foil
red chest beam foil
red analysis
Red reconnaissance drill foil
Red stylish entrance
Red ejection foil
android 19's choke 3x
android 19's energy absorption
android 17 van 2x
Tenshinhans draining blast 2x
android presence
android presence foil
moment of peace
tug of war 3x
Vegeta's destruction blast
Cell's draining attack
Cell's style
Enhanced reflexes 3x
withering fire
face smash
binding energy move foil
information gathering foil
information gathering
flip toss foil
Dragon radar
Trunks Sword Stance 5x
Yamcha's Rescue 3x
Yamcha's expert assistance 3x
Stare down starter
android 20's scouting drill
Android 16's rocket punch
Point blank volley foil
Stomach crusher 2x
Singing drill



True Power

Power Mimic



Instant transmission
lv 1 Cell, Imperfect DR1

red relaxation 2x
Red mule kick 2x
hidden power drill
Coolers supernova
Raditz offensive guard 3x

Android 13 named cards 3x each

cooler named cards 2x rebirth supernova 3x

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