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Eclipsedjedi 's list UPDATE W/ FOILS and SCORE Z!

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Black Mastery



Goku lv. 2 

Goku lv. 3 

Goku lv. 4 

Piccolo lv. 1 x2

Piccolo lv. 2 x2

Piccolo lv. 3 x 2

Piccolo lv. 4 x2

Vegeta lv. 1 x2

Vegeta lv. 3

Krillin lv. 1

Namekian Mastery

Red Mastery

Blue Mastery x2

Orange Mastery

Black Mastery



Foils(definitely will trade):

Krillin Destructo Disk

Saiyan Foot Stomp x2

Red Blocking Hand x2

Namekian Fusion x2

Namekian Targeted Strike x2

Red Double Strike x2

Red Jump Kick x2

Namekian Energy Guard

Saiyan Energy Toss

Namekian Pound

Namekian Maximum Will

Saiyan Face Stomp

Red Blazing Aura

Saiyan Straight Shot

Red Shattering Leap



Foils(probably won’t trade, unless I get one of my wants):

Namekian Energy Guard x2

Red Blocking hand x2

Black power up

Namekian concentration

Black targeting drill

Red blazing aura

Black capture

Namekian overhead blast

Blue energy overload

Blue avoidance

Black defensive burst

Namekian crushing slam

Namekian elbow strike

Orange Truck Lift

Saiyan Left Kick

Blue Wrist Block

Blue ki build up

Black smoothness drill

Orange Stare Down

Saiyan Straight Shot

Black Left Kick

Namekian Pound

Saiyan Face Stomp

Namekian forceful block


Namek dragon ball 2

Recoome lv.1

Black punishment

Namekian onslaught

Orange energy absorption

Red double strike

Red duck

Saiyan cheap shot

Saiyan Foot Stomp x2

Saiyan Supreme Block

It’s Over 9000!

Namek dragonball 6

Trunks lv. 3

Bulma, genius

Black searching technique

Black adaptation

Black swirl

Namekian Hybrid Defense

Orange Escape

Red Escape

Red jump kick

Red power punch

Piccolo weighted clothing


Namekian knowledge mastery

Namekian Overtime

Namekian Palm Shots

Orange focusing drill

Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam

Krillin’s Destructo Disk

Trunks sword slash



Blue Mastery x2

Red Mastery x3

Black Mastery

Namekian Mastery

Krillin Destructo Disk x3

Goku’s Kamehameha x3

Trunks Sword Slash


Black Mischevious Drill

Black Disorienting Blow x3

Black Reflection x3

Black Scout Maneuver x2

Orange Focusing Drill

Orange Searching Maneuver

Red Observation x2

Red Forward Stance Drill x2

Red Left Bolt

Saiyan Power Up x2

Blue Terror x2

Blue Trapped Strike

Namek Dragon Ball 7 x2

Gohans Masenko x3





I collected these cards as a kid so some of them are a little damaged.

If any cards in this list have ANY(scratches, peeling, rough edges, etc.) noticeable damage they will be marked with a *

If you have any questions or want pictures of any of the cards feel free to comment or PM me.



Broly, Super Saiyan lv. 3

Saiyan Broly Smash

Broly’s Evil Drill

Saiyan Charge(Broly Subset)

Dr. Willow lv. 1

King Cold, The Boastful lv. 2

Cell, The Puppet lv. 3

Jeice, the Avenger lv. 1

Piccolo, the Puppet lv. 1

Android 17’s Left Blast

Trunks Defensive Crouch

Blue Battle Drill

Bido’s Charge

Stupid Tricks!

Majin Buu’s Loogie

Warriors Clash

Tien Stands Ready

Tien Stands Ready(non-foil)

Red Pressured Attack(non-foil)

Majin Strength Maneuver(non-foil)

Piccolo’s Fist Block(non-foil)

Land in Pain(non-foil)




Majin Dabura, D.D.A(Alt.)

Majin Bibidi, The Mastermind

Piccolo lv. 2 sideways HT #179

Majin Buu lv. 1-2 Foldout

Majin Babidi  lv. 1-2 Foldout

Gohan, Super Saiyan lv. 3 HT*

Krillin, the Great lv. 3(Alt.)

Bee lv. 1*



Saiyan Saga

Saiyan Power Drill

Black Front Kick*

A beginner’s heart is dedicated*

Saiyan City Destruction

Orange Focusing Drill


Frieza Saga

The Talking Ends Here!*

No, Really? Drill



Trunks Saga

Black Water Confusion Drill

Black Smoothness Drill

What was I thinking?

Frieza’s Featherlight Touch

Guru Fades


Androids Saga

Black Jump Kick

Orange Power Ball


Cell Saga

Namekian Fist Smash(alt.)

Orange Ally Drill

Saiyan Left Hook

Orange City Destruction(Alt.)



Cell Games

Saiyan Protective Drill

Saiyan Ally Strike

Black Shifting Drill


World Games Saga

Namekian Final Flash*

Orange Close Call

Blue Flying Kick


Babidi Saga

Majin Buu’s Egg Drill


Buu Saga

Blue Eye Gouge

Namekian Gambit

City Ablaze

Blue Healing Ray

Blue Energy Cannon

Saiyan Strength Blast

Supreme Kai’s Ki Push(alt.)

Black Face Smash


Fusion Saga

Hercule’s Assault Drill


Kid Buu Saga

Majin Buu’s Backstabbing Kick

Orange Obliteration


If you are looking for anything non foil just ask

I have several GT Foils and Rares as well if anyone is interested.








Villainous Energy Sphere

Unreleased Promos 6-21

Rainbow Vegeta 2,4

Rainbow Frieza 2, 3

Rainbow Masteries Saiyan, Orange

Trunks 2,4 Foil

Ginyu 1-4 Foil

Regular Gohan 1-4

Regular Frieza 1-4

All Foils I don’t have

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(Assuming NM/Mint)



Black Smoothness Drill Foil



Namekian Pound Foil


If that works for you and you're in the US, let's just ship in a sleeve/top loader and a stamped envelope to save money. If not, take a look at my haves list and let me know what you might want for the Smoothness Drill.



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Crud, man. I'm sorry I don't really need that trade :/

No worries. If there is another starter foil on my list that you would take for Black Smoothness let me know.


If not, no big.

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Have Vegeta Lv 3 Rainbow and Gohan Lv 1-4 and Red Mastery (regular), Ginyu Lv 1 and 4(on its way, be at my house probably b/w Saturday Dec 13th-Tuesday Jan 16th) Foil


Interested in your Trunks Lv 3 Foil, Saiyan Foils, and Orange Truck Lift (regular or Foil). Check my list to see if I have any of the foils you are missing.

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