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Mysterious Youth

Mysterious Youth's Mystery Shack - Set 5 Update, Want Dashing Sword Foil, Perfect Cell (Pack foil)

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Please help me out and let me know what you have from my wants as well as what you would like. Do not just drop off your wants and ask me to check your list as my wants are right here.


Ask about conditions though almost all my cards are mint.


Prefer to go by the feedback rule in that the trader with the lowest feedback sends first.


May be willing to buy. Name your price and we'll work it out.




Perfection (Set 5) Foil wants:

Cell, Perfect (Pack foil)

Cell, Unstoppable (Pack foil)

Aggressive Sword Drill

Android Headbutt x3

Dashing Sword Attack x3

Saiyan Emergence x3

Saiyan Ki Burst

Saiyan Leaping Strike

Saiyan Obstruction x3

Saiyan Rapid Fire x3

Trunks' Slam

Evolution (Set 4) Foil wants:

Android 17 3

Android 18 2, 4

Trunks 1-4

Android 18, Smirking ALLY

Namekian Deflection

Saiyan Peace

Shoulder Slam x2

Vegeta's Destruction Blast


Evolution (Set 4) Starter Foil wants:

Piccolo (Rainbow 1, 2, 3)

Trunks (Rainbow 4)

Tenshinhan Ally

Namek Dragon Ball 6

Namekian Right Throw

Orange Power Point


The Movie Collection (Set 3) Foil wants:

Orange Captivity Drill

Saiyan Freedom x2

Saiyan Menace x3


Heroes and Villains (Set 2) Foil wants:

Krillin, Supportive
Trunks Bashful

Trunks' Sword Stance


Starter Deck Foil wants:

Namekian Forceful Block x2 (1st printing)

Namekian Knee Block (1st printing)


Rainbow Hi-Tech wants:

Frieza LV 2 (low want)

Blue Protective Mastery (low want)

Namekian Knowledge Mastery (low want)

Orange Adaptive Mastery (low want)


Set 1 Ultra Rares:

Villainous Visage


Set 1 Foil wants (1st or 4th print only!!!):

Any Allies xX (4th print)

Black Devious Mastery

Blue Protective Mastery

Blue Shifting Maneuver (4th print)

Bulma, Genius (4th print)

Confrontation x3

Devastating Blow

Frieza's Supernova (4th Print)

It's Over 9000! xX

Krillin's Destructo Disk

Orange Devouring Drill x3

Orange Energy Catch x2

Orange Power Point

Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon (4th print)

Stare Down x3

Time is a Warrior's Tool x2

Trunks, Young Super Saiyan Level 4 (4th print)

Trunks' Sword Slash (4th print) x3

Visiting the Past xX


I may take Score cards if you have a list for me to go through. Mostly looking for foil personalities of main characters. Also need some of the Bandai game's foils.




Set 5 Foils: (Mostly towards Set 5 foil wants)

DR1A Cell, Imperfect (Pack foil)

DR2 Cell, Semi-Perfect (Pack foil)

DR1 Cell, Imperfect (Hi-Tech)
DR2 Cell, Semi-Perfect (Hi-Tech)

DR3 Cell, Perfect (Hi-Tech)

DR4 Cell, Unstoppable (Hi-Tech)

Android 16, Enraged LV 3

Black Double Team

Black Obstructing Drill

Black Sharp Kick

Blue Concentrated Blast

Blue Dispersing Beam

Blue Eating Drill x2

Blue Overcharge

Debilitating Volley

Heroic Jab

Master Roshi, Overwhelmed LV 2

Master Roshi, Catcher LV 3

Namekian Back Kick

Namekian Hand Burst

Orange Hoping Drill

Pesky Barrage

Playful Punch

Red Channel Surfing Drill

Red Sword Stab

Saiyan Back Crash

Villainous Energy Beam x2

Yamcha's Expert Assistance

Yamcha's Rescue


Set 5 Rares:

Android 16's Rocket Punch

Android 16's Tranquility x3

Black Choke x3

Black Discovery x3

Black Extreme Blast x2

Blue Head Charge x2

Blue Restraint

Blue Toss x3

Blue Training x3

Cell's Draining Attack

Cell's Style x3

Clash of Wills x3

Heroic Jab

Master Roshi's Slumber x2

Namekian Back Smash

Namekian Energized Bash x2

Namekian Face Crush x2

Orange Hoping Drill x2

Orange Ki Ball x2

Orange Overflowing Burst x2

Orange Right Beam

Overwhelming Power x2

Red Back Bash x2

Red Channel Surfing Drill x2

Red Downward Burst x3

Red Powerful Strike

Saiyan Charged Kick

Saiyan Extreme Training

Saiyan Overhead Flare

Tenshinhan's Tri-Beam x2

Trunks' Slam

Yamcha's Expert Assistance

Yamcha's Rescue


Set 4 Foils:

Piccolo, Composed LV 1

Android 19, Unimpressed LV 3

Android 19's Energy Absorption

Android 20's Scouting Drill

Android 20, Surprised LV 3

Black Remembrance Drill

Black Request x2

Blue Belly Bash

Blue Hush

Orange Audience x2

Orange Duck x2

Orange Outburst

Namekian Downward Blast x2

Namekian Enhancement

Namekian Overcharge

Red Intense Blast

Saiyan Smack


Set 4 Rares:

Android 18's Arm Breaker

Android 18's Toss

Android 19's Energy Absorption

Android 19's Choke

Android 20's Scouting Drill x3

Android 20's Domination

Android Presence x3

Black Empowered Sword Slash x2

Black Learning Drill
Blue Belly Bash x2

Blue Entertaining Drill

Blue Kiss x4

Blue Wash x4


Enhanced Reflexes

Moment of Peace

Namekian Overcharge x2

Namekian Waiting

Orange Freezing Drill x5

Orange Reading Drill

Red Analysis x5

Red Antidote

Red Rage x3

Saiyan Dash

Saiyan Destructive Blast x3

Saiyan Peace

Saiyan Tracking Blast

Tug of War

Vegeta's Destruction Blast x3


Set 4 Starter foils:

Android 17 1-4 (Hi-Tech)

Vegeta 1-4 (Hi-Tech)

Blue Tag Team Mastery (Rainbow)

Orange Adept Mastery

Red Ruthless Mastery

Saiyan Rampaging Mastery

Black Interceptor Barrage

Black Resistance

Blue Biting Drill

Blue Blockade

Blue Crouch

Blue Defensive Stance
Blue Encircled Strike

Namekian Chop

Namekian Concentration

Namekian Narrow Escape

Namekian Right Throw

Orange Calming Drill

Orange Energy Absorption

Orange Eruption

Orange Extension

Orange Offensive Strike

Orange Palm Blasts

Orange Precise Shot

Orange Saving Kick

Red Blazing Aura

Red Burning Rage

Red Energy Outburst

Red Hop

Red Hunting Drill

Red Jump Kick

Red Power Punch

Saiyan Arm Catch

Saiyan Blocking Technique

Saiyan Evasion

Saiyan Foot Stomp

Saiyan Hand Swipe

Saiyan Offensive Strike

Saiyan Pinpoint Blast

Saiyan Prelude

Saiyan Preparation

Set 3 Foils:

Lord Slug, Aged LV 1

Lord Slug, Amazed Ally

Black Chaos

Black Combo

Blue Double Blast

Blue Encircled Strike

Blue Minions

Blue Observation Drill

Blue Precarious Defense

Blue Upward Barrage


Namekian Erasing Blast x3

Orange Confidence

Orange Eruption

Orange Flee

Orange Reactive Strike

Orange Uncontrolled Blast

Red Dazing Drill

Red Hop

Red Mule Kick

Red Saving Drill

Red Slide

Red Trailing Blast

Saiyan Arrival

Saiyan Hanging Out Drill

Saiyan Headbutt

Saiyan Swat


Set 3 Rares:

Black Chin Kick

Black Daze x4

Blue Observation Drill x3

Blue Surprise x4

Blue Takedown x4

Dr. Wheelo's History x5

Ensnared x5

Flip Toss

Garlic Jr.'s Counter Blast

Garlic Jr.'s Dead Zone

Information Gathering x2

Lord Slug's Regeneration x6

Namekian Knockback x3

Namekian Overwatch x3

Namekian Right Kick x3

Namekian Surprise Attack

Orange Electricity x4

Orange Empowered Kick

Orange Spotlight x3

Orange Uncontrolled Blast


Red Threatening Drill x4

Red Mule Kick x2

Red Restriction x3

Red Retreat x5

Sagacious Strike x2

Saiyan Arrival
Saiyan Studying

Tree of Might x2

Turles' Fruit x6

Turles' Energy Ring x2


Set 2 Foils:

Nappa, Overconfident LV 2

Captain Ginyu, Aggressive x2

Goku, Thoughtful

Trunks, Bashful

Black Counter Ball

Black Enraged Assault

Black Evasion

Black Overhead Burst

Blue Leaping Kick

Captain Ginyu's Pain

Face Smash


Namekian Hurried Quest x2

Namekian Patient Block x2

Orange Possession Drill

Raditz's Dirty Tactics x3

Red Controlled Attack

Red Overpower

Saiyan Driving Punch


Set 2 Rares:

Black Counter Ball x2

Black Enraged Assault

Black Head Charge x2

Blue Back Break x4

Blue Crush

Blue Overpowering Drill x3

Blue Leaping Kick x2

Blue Overpowering Drill x2

Blue Taming Technique x3

Face Smash x2


Nail's Dashing Attack

Namekian Backhand

Namekian Clash x2

Namekian Cut Off x2

Namekian High Knee

Nappa's Energizing Charge x2

Orange Chasing Drill x2

Orange Dodge x3

Orange Hand Cannon x4

Orange Mini Ball

Orange Possession Drill

Red Combined Blast

Red Controlled Attack x2

Red Overpower x2

Red Stop x3

Saiyan Body Blow

Saiyan Grab

Saiyan Intimidation x4

Saiyan Outrage x2

Saiyan Prepped Ball x3


Starter Hi-Techs:

Gohan 1-4

Gohan, Resilient Child LV 1 (Rainbow)

Gohan, Armored LV 4 (Rainbow)

Goku, Kaio-Ken Enhanced LV 2 (Rainbow)

Goku, Energy Gatherer LV 3

Goku, Super Saiyan LV 4
Krillin 1-4

Krillin 1-3

Krillin, Enraged LV 4 (Rainbow)

Piccolo, Combat Stance LV 2 (Rainbow)

Piccolo, Unleashed LV 3 (Rainbow)

Vegeta 1-4

Black Devious Mastery (Rainbow)

Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Saiyan Masteries


Starter Foils:

Black Capture x2

Black Command

Black Corruption x3

Black Delay

Black Energy Toss

Black Energy Web x3

Black Lightning Storm

Black Side Thrust

Black Smoothness Drill

Black Speedy Dodge x2

Black Swipe x2

Black Targeting Drill

Blue Arm Blast x2

Blue Avoidance x3

Blue Blockade x2

Blue Crouch

Blue Guard x2

Blue Ki Build Up x3

Blue Mental Drill x2

Blue Positioning Drill x2

Blue Reprimand

Blue Round Throw

Namekian Concentration x2

Namekian Crossed Guard (nick at the top)

Namekian Heritage Drill

Orange Energy Gathering

Orange Excavation

Orange Hiding Drill

Orange Quick Dodge

Orange Rage

Orange Steady Drill

Orange Truck Lift

Red Energy Shield

Red Heating Beams x2

Red Power Rush

Saiyan Energy Rupture x2

Saiyan Face Stomp

Saiyan Lightning Dodge x2

Saiyan Offensive Rush

Saiyan Preparation

Saiyan Sabotage x2


Set 1 Foils:

Captain Ginyu, Leader LV 1

Captain Ginyu, Energized LV 2

Captain Ginyu, Body Change LV 3

Bulma, Genius

Chaozu, Resurrected

Burter, Ginyu Force x2

Guldo, Ginyu Force x2 (x1 minor dent top right)

Jeice, Ginyu Force

Recoome, Ginyu Force

Nappa, Space Traveler x2

Tenshinhan, Returned x2

Yamcha, Action Ready

Namek Dragon Ball 2

Black Disorienting Blow

Black Erasing Drill

Black Mischievous Drill

Black Reflection x3 (trading as a set)

Black Scout Maneuver

Blue Betrayal

Blue Biting Drill

Blue Battle Readiness

Blue Defensive Flight

Blue Farewell

Blue Lunar Ray

Empowered Flying Kick

Goku's Kaio Ken

Krillin's Solar Flare

Namekian Dragon Blast

Namekian Finger Lasers

Namekian Palm Shots x2

Namekian Planned Attack

Namekian Targeted Strike x2

Orange Energy Phasing Drill

Orange Focusing Drill

Orange Offensive Strike

Orange Precise Shot

Orange Searching Maneuver

Orange Uppercut

Saiyan Empowered Mastery

Saiyan Energy Focus x2

Saiyan Foot Stomp

Saiyan Wrist Block x3


Set 1 Rares:

Will work on later. Feel free to ask as I have most of them

Stare Down

Time is a Warrior's Tool


Ask for commons, uncommons, and starter cards.



Frieza, Golden x3

Goku, Super Saiyan God

Goku, Protector of Earth

Gohan, Resilient Child

Krillin, Ready

Piccolo, Stoic

Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans

Black Declaration

Black Scout Maneuver

Blue Crush x3

Blue Terror x2

Captain Ginyu's Body Switch x3

Frieza's Supernova x3

Goku's Kamehameha x3

Gohan's Masenko x3


Krillin's Destructo Disk x3

Namekian Clash

Orange Dodge x3

Orange Possession Drill x2

Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon x3

Red Overpower x2

Saiyan Intimidation x2

Saiyan Offensive Rush

Saiyan Outrage

Stare Down x3

Trunks Sword Slash x3

Vegeta's Galick Gun x3

Wall Breaker


Playmats -

Set 1 launch event

Set 2 launch event

Set 3 launch event

Set 5 launch event

San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive

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Interested in:


Frieza Lv 4 Rainbow

Goku Lv 2 Rainbow

Black Devious Rainbow




Saiyan Direct Strike

Saiyan Left Kick

Saiyan Lightening dodge

Saiyan Offensive Rush

Saiyan Cheap Shot 1x

Saiyan Energy Toss

Saiyan Foot Stomp

Saiyan Pinpoint Blast

Saiyan Uppercut

Saiyan Wrist Block

Any ultra Rares you are willing to part with

SSG Goku

DBZ Playmat

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eclipsedjedi, Not really looking to sell as I do need quite a bit of cards and prefer to trade.


soviet prince, Saw Recoome and Beam Cannon foils.


makeshift41, May be getting some of them but I should still need these. Would you be willing to trade a bulk amount of foils for God Goku if I can pick out a bunch?


1x Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon
1x Orange Focusing Drill
2x Chi-chi

1x Namek Dragon Ball 2

1x Namek Dragon Ball 4

1x Black Defensive Burst

1x Blue Rest

1x Blue Ki Build Up

1x Orange Steady Drill
1x Orange Launcher

1x Orange Stare Down

1x Namekian Regeneration

1x Namekian Right Throw

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I have in foil:


2x Namekian Overtime

1x Gohan's Masenko

1x Dragonball 1

1x Dragonball 2

1x Ginyu 1

1x Chi-Chi

1x Guldo

1x Recoome

1x Blue Fist Smash

1x Namekian Combat Drill

1x Namekian Targeted Strike

1x Saiyan Retaliation Drill



Broly 1-5 Promo's (hard to get from me)

Trunks lv. 1 Frieza Saga Redemption (hard to get from me)

Cell lv. 3


I'm interested in:

1x Goku, Super Saiyan God and 2-4

1x Namekian Planned Attack

2x Namekian Palm Shots

3x Trunks Sword Slash

1x Black Disorienting Blow

1x Black Retaliation

1x Blue Lunge


Also need the following starter stuff (non-foil)


1x Black Capture

1x Blue Neck Beam

1x Blue Fist Catch

2x Blue Defensive Stance

1x Blue Narrow Escape

1x Blue Positioning Drill

1x Namekian Energy Guard

1x Namekian Forceful Block

2x Namekian Side Kick

3x Orange Truck Lift

2x Orange Quick Dodge

2x Orange Energy Catch

1x Orange Rage

2x Red Burning Stance

1x Red Power Rush

2x Saiyan Arm Catch

2x Saiyan Energy Deflection

1x Saiyan Left Kick


orange and saiyan stuff are the lowest priority.

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Sure wish I had more of your wants for that God promo, but as it stands I have the guldo, ndb1 and orange launcher foils (I assume you are the guy who messaged me on the popo group)

I am looking for confrontations atm.

Let me know if we can work something out.

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Omgwyatt, Sorry for the late reply. Not sure you still have/need what you listed but let's see.


I may still need these.

1x Gohan's Masenko
1x Dragonball 1
1x Dragonball 2
1x Ginyu 1
1x Chi-Chi
1x Guldo


For rares I know I have Disorienting Blow.


For the starter cards, would you take foil or do you only want them non-foil?


Nervousbreakdown, Don't have any Confrontations for trade at the moment and I don't think I've spoken to you before.


eclipsedjedi, Is God Goku all you want now? I got some of the cards you listed but the rest I'd trade other things for. There isn't enough for God Goku.


soviet prince, Will have to pass.

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I still need all of what I listed, no worries. I'm not anti-foil, I'm just more worried with finishing decks so more people can play rather than pimping them out atm, I also have cash and SSG Goku (plus 2-4) is the priority, willing to to trade all you mentioned plus the difference in PayPal (in addition to whatever other stuff you have that I need). Just Lmk, thanks.

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soviet prince, Don't see enough for that.


makeshift41, Picked quite a number of things that aren't on my wants since you didn't have any ultras. Feel free to price them out or categorize if you have a general price for c/u/r foils. I'll pick out what I can take based on that as I don't want to insult by using my own on your cards. I value God Goku at around 90 if that's okay with you.

1x Blue Protective Mastery

1x Namekian Palm Shots
1x Namekian Mastery

1x Saiyan Power Up

1x Trunks Lv 4

2x Tien
3x Chi-chi

1x Bulma

1x Blinding Energy Move

1x Black Defensive Burst

1x Black Searching Technique
1x Blue Mental Drill

1x Orange Steady Drill

1x Orange Offensive Strike

1x Orange Power Point
1x Orange Launcher
1x Orange Energy Gathering

1x Orange Stare Down

2x Red Double Strike
1x Namekian Right Throw

1x Saiyan Energy Rupture

1x Saiyan Enraged

1x Saiyan Multi Blast


1x Vegeta Lv 3 rainbow

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I still have for trade:


1x Blue Mastery Foil (pack)

1x Namekian Palm Shot foil

1x Saiyan Power Up Foil

1x Blue Mental Drill foil

1x Orange Energy Gathering foil

2x Red Double Strike foil

1x Namekian Right Throw Foil

1x Saiyan Energy Rupture Foil

1x Saiyan Enraged Foil

1x Saiyan Multi Blast Foil

1x Vegeta Lv 3 Rainbow

2x Tien Foil

3x ChiChi Foil

1x Bulma Foil


I usually use anime exchange for my prices. But I am willingly to work something out.

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