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Official Set 7 Awakening Discussion - Preview/Information Thread (Update 10/10/16)

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Still a ways off, but we already have some Awakening info already. Once previews begin, this will be opened for discussion.

Set 7 - Awakening
Set Symbol - Orange Ball with Z symbol
Release - 10/28/16
Starter Deck - 10 decks per display (8 Displays per case)
Booster box - 24 packs per display (12 displays per case)

Starter Decks:
60 card tournament legal deck
Level 1-4 HT prism of one MP
1 HT prism mastery
1 Random "Rainbow" HT
4 Random foil starter cards

Booster Packs:
12 cards per pack
- 1 rare per pack
- 1 UR per 48 packs (on average) 6 total
- 1 foil per 3 packs (on average)
- 1 DR per 24 packs (on average) 30 Total (Starter MPs and Masteries)

Starter MPs: (Confirmed)
Goku (Blue) (preview 9/9/16)
Gohan (Saiyan) (preview 9/23/16)
Trunks (Red) (preview 9/30/16)
Cell (Namekian) (preview 10/7/16)
Vegeta (Hero) (Orange) (preview 9/9/16)
Hercule (Black) (preview 9/16/16)

Booster MPs:
Cell Jr (preview 10/14/16)
Mercenary Tao (preview 10/21/16)

7 new allies: including "fan favorite" hero allies:
Jimmy Firecracker (Cell games announcer) (preview 9/16/16)
Ox King
Cell Jr x3

* From the info release "Look for Ultra rares and Dragon rares that pack the ultimate punch and also bring back some popular cards from older sets." So it looks like URs and/or DRs will contain reprints. UR Reprints of Spheres
* Set will contain Earth Dragon Balls
* A new policy regarding reprints will be revealed with this set - All reprints of UR or higher will only be reprinted at the same rarity level.
* "Ultra Rares (How many?)" More or less URs in this set? - 6 URs
* New Mastery Themes
* New legacy named cards (Vegeta Card confirmed)
* Spoilers begin first week of September

Visual spoilers

Booster packs
c1 - Black Protective Drill
c2 - Black ???
c3 - Black ???
c4 - Black ???
c5 - Black ???
c6 - Black Flinch
c7 - Black ???
c8 - Black Narrow Beam
c9 -
c10 -
c11 - Blue Rebuke
c12 - Blue Introduction
c13 -
c14 -
c15 - Blue Feast
c16 -
c17 -
c18 -
c19 -
c20 - Blue Sweep
c21 - Blue Arrest
c22 -
c23 - Namekian Discharge
c24 - Namekian Eviction
c25 -
c26 -
c27 - Namekian Training Ball
c28 - Namekian Wallop
c29 - Namekian Clamp
c30 -
c31 - Orange Encouragement
c32 - Orange Check Up Drill
c33 - Orange Spying Drill
c34 - Orange ???
c35 - Orange ???
c36 - Orange Paired Blast
c37 - Orange ???
c38 - Orange Left Burst
c39 - Orange Aid
c40 -
c41 - Red Driving Knee
c42 - Red ???
c43 - Red Explosion
c44 - Red Hurl
c45 - Red ???
c46 - Red ???
c47 - Red Takeover
c48 - Red Tilt
c49 -
c50 -
c51 - Saiyan Vacation
c52 -
c53 - Saiyan High Kick
c54 - Saiyan ???
c55 - Saiyan ???
c56 - Saiyan ???
c57 - Saiyan Stomach Thrust
c58 -
c59 -
c60 - Saiyan Crouch
u61 - Earth Dragon Ball 1
u62 - Earth Dragon Ball 2
u63 - Earth Dragon Ball 3
u64 - Earth Dragon Ball 4
u65 - Earth Dragon Ball 5
u66 - Earth Dragon Ball 6
u67 - Earth Dragon Ball 7
u68 - Cell Jr lvl 1
u69 - Cell Jr lvl 2
u70 - Cell Jr lvl 3
u71 - Cell Jr lvl 4
u72 - Tao lvl 1
u73 - Tao lvl 2
u74 - Tao lvl 3
u75 - Tao lvl 4

u76 - Cell Jr., Trapped
u77 - Cell Jr., Escaping
u78 - Cell Jr., Unrelenting
u79 - Baba, Surprise Visitor
u80 - Jimmy Firecracker
u81 - Ox King
u82 - Puar
u83 - Black Confinement
u84 - Black Construction Drill
u85 - Black Left Burst
u86 - Blue Release Drill
u87 - Blue Tracking Beam
u88 - Namekian Hunt
u89 - Namekian Hospitality Drill
u90 -
u91 -
u92 - Orange Restructuring Drill
u93 - Orange Leaping Punch
u94 -
u95 -
u96 -
u97 -
u98 - Saiyan Clench
u99 -
u100 - Saiyan Slap
r101 -
r102 - Black Annihilation
r103 - Black Flashback
r104 - Black Strength Display
r105 - Black Vehicle Toss
r106 -
r107 - Blue Friendliness
r108 - Blue Elbow
r109 - Blue Left Blast
r110 - Blue Smug Punch
r111 - Namekian Barricade
r112 - Namekian Fierce Punch
r113 - Namekian Inheritance
r114 - Namekian ???
r115 - Namekian Thrust
r116 - Orange Affection Drill
r117 -
r118 - Orange Aggression
r119 - Orange Collision
r120 -
r121 - Red Awakening
r122 - Red Clock
r123 - Red Mischief
r124 -
r125 - Saiyan Anguish Drill
r126 - Saiyan Despair
r127 - Saiyan Dive
r128 - Saiyan Energy Barrage
r129 - Saiyan Face Off
r130 - Cell Jr.'s ???
r131 - Cell Jr.'s ???
r132 - Cell's Provocation
r133 - Gohan's Backlash
r134 - Goku's Search
r135 - Hercule's Dynamite Kick
r136 - Hercule's Grand Entrance
r137 - Mercenary Tao's ???
r138 - Mercenary Tao's ???
r139 - Trunks' Knee Bash
r140 - Vegeta's Final Flash
ur141 - Allied Blitz
ur142 - Assisted Kamehameha
ur143 - Flurry of Blows
ur144 - Heroic Energy Sphere
ur145 - The Ultimate Sacrifice
ur146 - Villainous Energy Sphere

Starter Decks
S1 - Goku lvl 1
S2 - Goku lvl 2
S3 - Goku lvl 3
S4 - Goku lvl 4
S5 - Blue Resolute Mastery
S6 - Vegeta lvl 1
S7 - Vegeta lvl 2
S8 - Vegeta lvl 3
S9 - Vegeta lvl 4
S10 - Orange Retribution Mastery
S11 - Cell lvl 1

S12 - Cell lvl 2

S13 - Cell lvl 3

S14 - Cell lvl 4

S15 - Namekian Radiant Mastery

S16 - Gohan lvl 1
S17 - Gohan lvl 2
S18 - Gohan lvl 3
S19 - Gohan lvl 4
S20 - Saiyan Dynamic Mastery
S21 - Hercule lvl 1
S22 - Hercule lvl 2
S23 - Hercule lvl 3
S24 - Hercule lvl 4
S25 - Black Conflict Mastery
S26 - Trunks lvl 1
S27 - Trunks lvl 2
S28 - Trunks lvl 3
S29 - Trunks lvl 4
S30 - Red Ascension Mastery


DR1 - Goku lvl 1
DR2 - Goku lvl 2
DR3 - Goku lvl 3
DR4 - Goku lvl 4
DR5 - Blue Resolute Mastery
DR6 - Vegeta lvl 1
DR7 - Vegeta lvl 2
DR8 - Vegeta lvl 3
DR9 - Vegeta lvl 4
DR10 - Orange Retribution Mastery
DR11 - Cell lvl 1

DR12 - Cell lvl 2

DR13 - Cell lvl 3

DR14 - Cell lvl 4

DR15 - Namekian Radiant Mastery

DR16 - Gohan lvl 1
DR17 - Gohan lvl 2
DR18 - Gohan lvl 3
DR19 - Gohan lvl 4
DR20 - Saiyan Dynamic Mastery
DR21 - Hercule lvl 1
DR22 - Hercule lvl 2
DR23 - Hercule lvl 3
DR24 - Hercule lvl 4
DR25 - Black Conflict Mastery
DR26 - Trunks lvl 1
DR27 - Trunks lvl 2
DR28 - Trunks lvl 3
DR29 - Trunks lvl 4
DR30 - Red Ascension Mastery

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Assisted Kamehameha is literally a Destructo Disk. Wow.

Vegeta looks... pretty good? He has an attack on his lv1 finally. That's pretty good.


Goku also isn't bound to one style. Which is pretty much what we've been looking for, I think.


The original masteries are rotating... geez. That's a really big deal. Like, a really, really big deal.


Looking at Blue Resolute Mastery, I'm thinking that Krillin is going to probably migrate to blue now. Interestingly, the old Hero Vegeta stack actually combos pretty well with the new blue mastery, too. Which is pretty neat.


The new Orange Retribution Mastery is going to be an MPPV powerhouse. 2 Anger. Wow.


All in all, everything seems really cool.

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Color me impressed all around so far. I think Goku is better than Vegeta, but both good.


The masteries are great. Vegeta loves assisted kamehameha oddly enough.


Mastery rotation is a fantastic idea. Keep the MPs, rotate the card pool. I love it.

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Assisted Kamehameha comes off as a lack of understanding source material with the way it was designed. Why should other Saiyan personalities aside from Goku, Gohan, and Goten be able to use this card when they've never even used the Kamehameha in the actual series except Cell and the Earthling Z Warriors?


It's almost as If they were too lazy to come up with any good ideas for it and was like, "Krillin's clearly not a problem anymore so let's give Saiyan their own Destructo Disk instead of fixing the problem we made for it last time while ignoring the possibility of Krillin becoming relevant again." Looks at Blue Resolute Mastery, "Gee ya think?" :rolleyes:

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I love everything about yesterday's blog post, except I HATE Assisted Kamehameha and the fact it's another freestyle UR that's a mandatory 3-of in certain decks. Panini's started to find the sweet spot in terms of MP design, but if there's a sweet spot for URs, this ain't it.

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For assisted, I just wish they added a line of flavor to it like (if you have a Saiyan ally in play, this attack deals +2 life cards of damage). I get why it's not heroes only, because of cell, but idk. I feel like they could've just made this a super Kamehameha. It's miles better than the original one though.

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Majin buu. Cell. Goku. Goten. Gohan. Black. Gotenks. Vegito. Gogeta. Master roshi. Yamcha. Krillin. And if you are doing movies Trunks. So four mps who should be able to use this card in its entirety. Oh well.

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Majin buu. Cell. Goku. Goten. Gohan. Black. Gotenks. Vegito. Gogeta. Master roshi. Yamcha. Krillin. And if you are doing movies Trunks. So four mps who should be able to use this card in its entirety. Oh well.

Tien also showed he could use it back in Dragon ball when he fought against Goku. We also don't know if Black is actually a saiyan or not, so depending on how that story goes, that could be 6 personalities that can't use a card they by all rights should be able to.


But oh well, it could be called something else and it wouldn't change how silly this card might end up becoming. 


I'm really on the fence for the new orange mastery.. it's going to be hard getting over the fact that your drills are no longer safe as orange when you are leveling. So either you stasis out with drills, and the loss of the ability to get them back directly from the grave off of a crit effect will certainly be noticed.


Could be worse though, if Saiyan's mastery isn't good then Saiyan might go back to the bottom of the totem pole. 


But the BIGGEST thing I think I'm now curious about, will we be forced into a more camp oriented style again as the two biggest anger masteries aren't there to fuel their strategies or will we get more anger masteries to replace them?

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Blue Tag Vegeta with Brief, 3 hammers, 3 Overwhelming (8+ at level 4 unstoppable). Unleashed and True Power will probably see a rise in price.

Will True Power at Lv4 really matter? Yes it's an unstoppable 10, but Galick Gun will be an unstoppable and unpreventable 9 with 2 crits, Crushing Beam will be an unstoppable banished 9, Destruction Blast will be an unstoppable 8 with Rejuv and stage gain, etc. - and that's before you take into account the fact that they're much more useful when you're below Lv4. If True Power could be modified that would be one thing, but it seems meh as-is.

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Depending on the rest of the card pool I would add it as a 1-of for that late game attack that can't be modified , in case your opponent has a lot of -1,-2 modifiers


I actually want to make a Vegeta deck that sticks to the Lv1 in order to counter the negative mods you see from Roshi decks. Problem is getting full use out of your Mastery since they all tend to either modify your attacks (useless), enhance Styled attacks (useless), or focus on anger (don't want that). Post-Frozen List, the only Mastery I could see working right would be Tag Team. What are the chances that the Black or Red Masteries focus on none of those things?

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