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Want 2x Unleashed

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I have two decks I can run, but one of them requires 3x unleashed and I only have 1.  I would like to acquire 2 more before the tournament to leave my options open as I am still undecided which deck to use.


PM me if you have 1 or 2 unleashed you would be okay parting with (with the right persuasion, of course) and want to meet up during the registration window for some trading action.  I have some cool ultras I would be willing to part with if needed:


1x dig

2x heroic dashing punch

1x Instant Transmission

1x heroic plan

1x villainous visage

1x hidden power drill

1x true power

1x villainous empowerment (the last two are maybe not as cool)


I also will be bringing plenty of COLD, HARD CASH.  Money or cards, you pick.  Whatever ultras I trade away I can just buy again later

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