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Sean Collins

New to panini, and Oregon

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Just moved to Oregon last summer and heard there was a dbz scene here and there is a tourney in a few weeks so I finally bought some awakening starters and got 2 hurcule and 2 Gohan... I havent played since GT and obviously need staples so now I'm going to just buy specific cards. I like saiyan and black playstyles so I'm planning on focusing there first since I have the starter sets.. Are there any specific tips to getting the most tourney ready deck out of the awakening starers I have? I want to get Brolly and Trunks as well, they are my favorite characters from the series will they sync with the black or saiyan awakening starters?


Well that was long winded. Hi, I'm sean.

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I'm in albany now. I grew up in florida, moved here from NY. Everywhere I have lived since high school has been pretty dead to the DBZ CCG so it's refreshing to be somewhere that it seems to have at least a little group of players.

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