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Trading all things dbz (updated with bandai haves and rare score boosters)

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I'm in the U.S. I'm trying to trade some cards. here's what I have:

Cell saga (score)

android 17 1-3 + ht unlimited

android 16 1-3 + ht unlimited

gohan 1-5 + ht unlimited

goku 1-3 + ht LIMITED (x2 sets)

goku lvl 4 foil LIMITED

vegeta lvl 4 foil LIMITED

goku lvl 4 foil unlimited

cell the destroyer lvl 4 foil LIMITED

cell the master lvl 5 foil  LIMITED


All other sagas (score): (non foil unless specified)

red style mastery unlimited trunks saga

goku the kings pupil lvl 4 foil  LIMITED

blue style mastery trunks saga foil LIMITED

orange fishing drill limited foil (gt)

gotenks super saiyan lvl 2 7 star limited

goku on namek foil limited frieza saga

goku on namek foil unlimited

goku gold foil promo p1 lvl4 (32000 max power lvl)

king cold the mighty lvl 4 promo (max power 1,400,000)

super android 17 ultra rare foil limited *(gt)

broly the unstoppable lvl 5


maany other broly subset promos, commons,uncommons rares and foils and ht's (incuding rare foils and foil masteries) from various score sets 


x2 UNOPENED TRUNKS SAGA UNLIMITED BOOSTER PACKS (may be limited but no way of telling)


My Bandai collection:

Numerous rares/uncommons commons and foils from awakening/warriors return

Super rares:

final form frieza (first edition)

emperor pilafs wish

kaio ken goku wa046 (5/2:4/0)

dendes wish (1st edition) x3

frieza wa-024 (1st edition) x4

frieza wa-024 (unlimited) x1

frieza wa-048 x3

piccolo wa-043 (first edition) x3

King piccolo (first edition)

gohan wa-007 

shien (first edition)

trunks wa-056 (first edition)



Want (SCORE)

red style mastery foil limited trunks saga

majin vegeta limited ultra rares

majin vegeta foil preview (world games)

trunks saga personality urs (limited)

cell saga personality urs (limited)

lvl 4 android redemptions

foil trunks saga cards

broly promos


Want (bandai)

super saiyan goku 1st ed

super saiyan vegeta 1st ed

broly 1st


Want (Panini)

broly MPs


Want (other)

any dbz collectibles (figuarts figures)

any dbz collectibles

any pokemon collectible cards, promos, shinys, first editions, boosters etc.


Want (anything notable you have..foil personalities, any limited foils, gt welcome)



EDIT: Please feel free to post any of your rare/semi rare/promos cards for trade, anything that might be cool, i collect super rares from the ccg bandai game too



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are you only looking for trades? i have goku kings pupil limited foil, broly the gentle B1, broly the ferocious B3, and broly the unbeatable B4 (all broly cards r limited foil) I also have a variety of cards u r looking for in the unlimited versions but im looking only to sell if you happen to be interested

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