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The Legend of Zelda - 30 years in just over 30 days

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Man what a long week. Had an old friend come in from out of town and spent most nights last week hanging with them and playing board games. Then this weekend ended up getting more busy than I thought. As such, I haven't been able to get back on the console to fight Demise in SS. With less than a week to go, I've come to the definite realization that I'm not going to finish. I'll finish Demise off tonight and likely start on WW, and try and finish it before Friday, but likely won't make it to another console title. I'll keep going on the downfall arc on my handheld though. As such...

2-27 - Oracle of Seasons - Finished this one back around Friday. Got the last 4 essences and took down Onox. Ended up leaving after dying to him a few times to finish the trade sequence so I could get the revival potion. After 2 more tries I finished him off. This reveals Koume and Kotake (aka Twinrova) to be behind the whole thing, lighting the candle of destruction to try and revive Ganon. Beating Oracle of Seasons leads to...

NEW GAME START - Oracle of Ages - So continuing in the 4 game chunk starring this Link, we make our way from Holodrum to Labrynna. Link meets up with Impa again who leads him to Nayru, the Oracle of Ages (or technically he has to open up the way for her...). After listening to her sing for a bit it is revealed that Impa is actually being controlled by a new big baddie, Veran. Veran then leaves Impa to possess Nayru and leaves to plot her scheme. Link has to go find the Mako tree on Labrynna and see how to save the Oracle. But to do so, Link has to get the first Essence of Time. After doing so, Link goes to the Mako tree. This particular tree seems to be female and, mid pep talk, disappears as if something went back in time to destroy her! Link returns to Nayru's house, where Impa is squatting, and loot her attic for the Harp of Ages. After learning a song that lets us travel time (but only at areas with a time glyph) Link returns to the past where he finds Moblins accosting the mako tree sprout. Moblins dispatched, the Mako tree returns to present day and points us toward our next destination. After that it's pretty straightforward, keys to dungeons, dungeons for essences. Instead of the Magnetic Glove, he have the Swap Hook in this game, which works similar to the Hookshot, but instead of drawing us to the target it makes Link swap places with the target. This also was the only reappearance of the Cane of Somaria, seen in LttP. Both items are good for getting items on switches that need to be held down. In the latest Dungeon (#5) I was given the mermaid's tail. A handy item that lets me swim in deeper waters that would normally drown me, but comes with the drawback that I must now repeatedly mash the arrow buttons to move through ANY water. Just before the 4th Dungeon I was taught a new song which lets me return from the past to present without a glyph as well. As for Nayru/Veran, she has gone into the past to convince the local queen, Ambi, to build a large tower, which will no doubt have negative effects in the present. More to come...

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2/28 - Skyward Sword - Demise is an asshole. More to come...

OaA - Made my way up the mountain, known as Rolling Ridge in this land, talking to Gorons and playing a few mini games. After beating up some monsters in Dungeon 5 up there, the Mako tree says there's still another essence in the area. Down at the base of the mountain inside the waterfall is my first taste of what everyone expected from this game: dual time dungeon. Not only did I have to get 2 separate keys from Goron trades/games, I have to advance in the dungeon during the past and present at different rates. Luckily it's not too difficult. Once you run out of rooms in one era, warp to the other and go until you run out of rooms in that one, which usually will open up something else for you in the other. after picking up the essence it appears the guard at Ambi's castle has lessened, so I have a break to rescue Nayru. Using my new arsenal of weird stuff (mystery seeds and swap hook) I kick Veran out of Nayru's body.....just in time for her to possess Queen Ambi. Great. Well, now I get booted out of the castle, but hey, at least Nayru's safe. Next stop will apparently be a Giant Fish (a la Jabu Jabu). Luckily I now have the final and most powerful song for the Harp of Ages, which allows me to warp times at will with no need for portals. which is handy, because the trip to the fish is going to require me warping back and forth to get through the different islands. More to come...

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2/28 - OoA - Ok a quick update, just because this was weird. So I wander down to the southern sea. Start swimming around, swapping from past to present to take advantage of the islands' progression through time. I get to my destination, Zora Village.
Past: king is very sick, waters are dirty
Present: king is dead, waters still dirty
So first I have to go to the witch's hut and get a potion to heal the king. However afterward he won't let me inside jabu jabu (where the next essence is) until I clean up the water, well fine whatever. he gives me the key to the nearby library which is supposed to have a clue to how to clean the water.
Past: Cave next to Library houses an Octorock that claims to be a fairy that can clean the water if I can get some fairy dust. Library has fairy dust, but it's hidden in a back room puzzle.
Now here's where it gets weird. The puzzle in the past entails a sage in the back of the room with one secret book, but it does nothing without the companion volume that no one can find. So lets check the present. Hey there's a book in the present that has been there a long time, let's take it to the past. Oh look, it's the one I needed. So I took a book from the present, which is the book I needed to put in the library so it would be there hundreds of years later so I could find it......Holy paradoxes, Batman.

Long Story short (too late) I'm in Jabu jabu's belly now. More to come...

SS - Demise is still an asshole. More to come...

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3/1 - Skyward Sword - FINALLY. Didn't expect this one to take nearly a month to complete. I finally found a groove to get enough hits on Demise to take him down. Really, such a great game. Makes me sad I don't have time to go through WW or TP before Friday, as I really enjoy the large console epics.

OoA - I made it through Jabu Jabu with a bit of hair-pulling. It is the top-down equivalent of the water Temple in OoT, with the various water levels. However the final dungeon proved to be relatively painless. First floor was 4 simple rooms, 2nd floor was a 4x4 grid, with some odd interaction with a pair of one-way wheels but nothing too complicated. And the 3rd floor was just wandering into 4 corners to pick up tablet relics and bring them to the center to open the way to the final boss on floor 4. Very straight forward for an 8th dungeon in a LoZ game. Next stop was Ambi's Tower, to drive Veran from her and finally take her down. Had to go through 3 levels of boss fight, but nothing too difficult. Normally this is the point where the game ends, I've saved Labrynna from the evil sorceress. However, since we're on a linked game (pun intended) now I have to stop Twinrova from sacrificing Zelda to revive Ganon. This is a pretty big task in and of itself. First the sisters flying in random patterns shooting blasts at me that I have to reflect back at the OTHER sister and after 3 hits she goes to full twinrova form. I'm having trouble getting in enough hits to knock her out so I can get to the REAL final boss. As well, I don't have enough rupees anymore to purchase a revival potion, so it is going to take a few more tries. More to come...

So we're nearing the end of this challenge, since BotW releases Friday. Tomorrow night I will likely be spending a few hours out in front of Best Buy for the midnight release, to ensure they don't run out of consoles before Friday. So I'll have a bit more time then, tonight and Friday morning (game should be in my mail on Friday). I'm hoping to at least get through Link's Awakening and hopefully Link between worlds in that time. Unfortunately I don't have any time for more console games.

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