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DBZ Custom Set! Fragments & Memories (PREVIEW)

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Hello everyone! I haven't been on here for long, but it's been enough time to gather some feed back about my cards as well as FanZ's release. It's unfortunate that FanZ and I decided to do Future Gohan, Pikkon and King Kai at the same time, but it can never hurt to have options. This set is bringing in 18(15 if you don't include the former) new MP stacks including, but not limited to, the Ginyu Force with a new Level 4 Captain Ginyu, King Cold and King Vegeta, Chiaotzu, Yajirobe and more! Every MP gets at least 1 Named card, but is designed to work with at least 2 Styles each(maybe more) and even the Styled cards should reflect that. Now there's a few things I want to comment on/address before posting some sneak peaks.

Over Powered or Broken cards

This is unfortunately bound to happen with making cards. Only so many things can be done with abilities before they get reused, but I am doing my best to step away from that. After getting some mixed comments about my Custom Buu saga set "Terror," I enlisted the help of a friend of 2 other toptier users. You may know one of them well. He is very critical and out spoken about his like and dislike of specific cards made by FanZ even back when they were PanZ. I am talking about @Artificial Human. He's got good reputation and is an frequent commenter on the forums. The other friend, though he doesn't comment much and generally just hangs around to see what's what, has played since the early Score days and has been a big help with some of the Named cards for my set. Here's to @abstraktpb!

New Mechanics

In my opinion this is a tough one to do. Though it was a small set, 56 cards should still be enough wiggle room to try introducing a SOME sort of new mechanic into the game, but even FanZ struggled with this. My set is bigger than your average set by roughly 40 cards, and I find it hard to do anything SIGNIFICANTLY different than what's been done with PanZ/FanZ already. Though with the help of Artificial Human and abstraktpb I hope to change that. While the styles will mostly be focusing on their original Primary objectives, there are some new twists to be seen here and there. I hope they turn out to your liking.

Suggestions and Changes

The cards I will be posting bellow are not only a preview for what I have coming up, but are also still open to changes. If there is anything severally disliked about the cards posted or even a minor detail that anyone feels should be changed or addressed, please feel free to say so. Also if you catch any spelling errors, that would be a big help too xD.

Alright then! I here's a few previews for you guys and I hope to get your constructive feedback so I can make some needed changes. Even though there's not a LOT of previews here, what you say will help with the rest of my cards as well. Hope you enjoy!





EDIT: Just noticed I capitalized "search" in Blue Fortification... will have to fix that xD.

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