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Chomas Winegardner

EBAY Maxx-Pleasure I'm selling some Retro Z GT

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Hi I'm Chase.. I just wanted to let you guys in on some sales on eBay. I don't I have any bad feedback. I'm like a 50 on there. You can trust my stuff. Im putting up my red cell deck tonight. So just message me on ebay: Maxx-Pleasure

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Hi guys I found my old post and nodded it. I'm Maxx-Pleasure on ebay. My card searched start like this : dragonball z ccg (no parenthesis) -<card name

They are priced pretty well I have a lot of promos but I'm no collection hound by any means. One album love the game. I'm just shooting topics cause I get no time to type on this phone lol. Hijack and cosmic are 20 a price unless they are a super great card effect. Bundles and no z ultra I do have a champions aura and 2 victories drills and lol 1& 2gotenks. Slot of GT I can still get by the way 


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