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Card Slinger J

Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)

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Title: Red Ascension Frieza (FanZ)
Author: Card Slinger J
Deck List:
Main Personality:
3 x Unleashed
Physical Combats:
3 x Red Duck
Energy Combats:
3 x Red Brace
Strategy is to spam crits with Frieza's Level 2 while also angering up to Level 4 to do the same while his Level 1 helps setup for it. Also recently tested this against Blue Resolute Turles and got my butt whupped with all the proxies I had after switching from running Piccolo while I'm still missing 10 cards in this deck to optimize it a bit more.
Any help, advice, and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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One of the mistakes I made playing Red early on was playing combos for the sake of the combos (if that makes sense). As a result, my decks lacked focus and kinda sucked. In my opinion this deck suffers from this too; You have too many cards in your deck that need another card to be good. 

Red Hurl, for example, is a bad card. No endurance, no chance to crit, only 1 anger. If Frieza's Arrogance is in top of the discard (rarely) then you get to Rejuvenate 2. Rejuvenation effects can be good in Red, but you don't seem to be committing to building up a board of cards and against decks that do this it can be bad. 

Red Face Break and Frieza's Captive strike fall under the same category, you need them together for them to be worth while . Remove the captive strikes (literally dead cards) and you still have 8 named cards to make Super Nova count. 

The answer to your problem is to just pick reliable cards that will help you attain your goal, which is MPPV as a main victory and Super Nova as the back up victory. 


-3 Red Hurl

-3 Red Evade

-3 Red Face Break

-3 Red Shoulder Grab

-3 Red Stop (deck does not need 18 blocks imo)

-3 Frieza's Captive Strike

-3 Red Relaxation (no anger)


+3 Red Static Shot (guaranteed critical damage and 2 anger if it hits)

+3 Red Brace (just a better energy block)

+3 Red Sword Stab (3 endurance and can be a fetched by aggressive sword drill)

+3 Red Driving Knee (2 anger card that synergizes with itself)

+3 Red Double Strike (2 anger card, with Tree of Might and lv3 you do at least 10s). 

+1 Aggressive Sword Drill (unpreventable Nova)

+1 Tree of Might (with lv3 you have +5 stages, and you can fetch Aggressive Sword Drill)

+2 Stare Down (to better land the Nova)

+2 Villainous Energy Sphere

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Ideally you want to enter combat with Red Right Blast in hand so that you can draw off of rejuvenating Named cards with the Level 2 Power and/or King Cold Ally (which is even better with Red Left Bolt) with the Named cards to banish off of the Level 1 Power being the 3 Captive Strikes, 2 Arrogance, and 2 Overwhelming Power unless you're forced to banish a Supernova to rejuvenate later.

Red Infuriated Attack always felt like a dead card to me since I've never been able to get off it's parenthetical text when I want to and even then I can swap it out for a better Physical Combat card such as Red Back Kick for dealing with Yamcha and other builds that focus on energy beats unless If I'm better off running Shoulder Slam to take advantage of Golden Frieza's high AT at Level 2.

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Updated the decklist for Set 9 in Fan Z by swapping Beerus Ally and Red Enhanced Beam for Chilled Ally and Red Controlled Blast for 9 Physical Stops in the deck total.

Also swapped Stare Down for Unleashed since they're now $30 a piece though I'm having difficulty finding room for Villainous Energy Spheres while I went ahead and decided to run Red Stomach Dive over Red Trailing Blast due to the recent errata on it for FanZ.

Red Blocking Hand was taken out for Red Capture to help deal more damage with Frieza's Supernova and since I don't have to worry about gaining anger until I get to Level 3 with Unleashed within the first combat I figured why not?

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