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Building the essential decks of PanZ

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Hi all,

I'm considering building a set of decks to keep around for fun from PanZ.  I ideally want to keep the iconic decks of the PanZ era.  A previous topic I started was to keep 1 MP and 1 Mastery together, but I figured now that may not be as fun.  Here's the list I've come to with some help from others.  Any decks I'm missing?

Blue Protective Ginyu
Black Devious Krillin
Orange Adaptive A20
Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
Red Enraged Cooler/A13
Saiyan Empowered Raditz/Broly
Blue Tag Team Gohan
Black Perceptive Wheelo
Orange Adept Yamcha
Namekian Restored Cell
Red Ruthless Tien/Turles
Saiyan Rampaging Nappa
Blue Resolute Goku
Black Conflict Vegeta
Orange Retribution Roshi
Namekian Radiant Slug
Red Ascension Trunks
Saiyan Dynamic Broly

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Hmmm, I think I'm confused by what you are meaning by Iconic. You certainly have some of the decks I think of when I think Iconic PanZ decks (Knowledge Piccolo, Devious Krillin, Protective Ginyu (Later Tag Ginyu), Adaptive 20, Empowered Broly, Resolute Goku, Retribution Roshi... Maybe Tag Gohan?)


But a lot of these others were just kind of what got by for those masteries. Like Perceptive... Anything. Wheelo is probably what everyone tried to make work, but Tien probably did it better.


Ruthless, I would argue that Broly and DrawKu did Ruthless better than either Tien or Turles.


Adept - Yamcha... There's like one person championing that deck. :P However, with the recent tournament I think we may have found another contender with Awakening Gohan.


Enraged Cooler/13/possibly Roshi from the set 5 days?


Rampaging (Clench) Nappa or MPPV Trunks/Gohan both from Awakening.



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