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Majin Goo

OCTGN Patch for DBSCG by Bandai

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What is OCTGN? OCTGN is a virtual table top with an integrated player lobby and chat system that supports custom card and board games. The DBSCG Game Definition lets players play their favorite Dragon Ball Super Card Game on there!!

This OCTGN patch is maintained by Brandon Shollenberger.

What you need:

OCTGN - Download Here

Image Packs - http://www.hi-izuru.org/DBZ/

After you install OCTGN, here are the steps to add the DBSCG patch to the program:

  1. Open OCTGN.
  2. Click on "Games Manager" tab
  3. Click "Add Game Feed"

From Add Game Feed, input the following:

Name: DBZ Feed

Feed URL/Path: https://www.myget.org/F/dbzccg/


Leave the rest blank.




After the game feed is installed, click the drop box to the left of "Add Game Feed" and select "DBZ Feed". From there, you have the option to install or uninstall the game.


To add images, you have to download each image file. To add the images in-game, click "Add Image Packs" and select the .o8c file(s). After installing the image pack(s), you should get a success prompt.



That's it! You're all set to play DBSCG online via OCTGN. Enjoy the many benefits OCTGN has to offer, like game rooms, matchmaking, etc. 

Notes from the developer: "As a quick note, you will need to add both versions of your leader to your deck (and manually switch them out) until the code can be written to add an Awaken command. Also, I want to give a big shout out to Manveer Singh who has helped out quite a bit with getting this patch ready.

There are a few useful shortcuts you might want to try to use while playing. At the start of the game, you can right mouse click the table and select an option to setup the game (or press F12) to automatically place your leader into play and draw your initial 6 cards.

After you mulligan, you can do the same but select the option to setup your life or press F10) to automatically place the top 8 cards of your deck into your lIfe zone.

When placing energy, I recommend right clicking on the card or holding Ctrl and pressing E to automatically send the card to your energy zone (this will also place the card upside down)."

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