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Anime Expo Exclusive Goku Figure - Bandai

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Well, for about 5 years now, the Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles has been growing and getting closer to SDCC status.  They have been the largest Anime convention in North America for quite a while and, after a hiccup in 2010, has come back with a vengeance.  Bigger events, bigger guests, etc etc.  It seems they are adding another notch in their belt on the way to SDCC emulation: Convention exclusives.  They've had some vendors offering small stuff; pins, posters, art cards, etc.  But now it looks like groups are coming in with con exclusive figures.


Bandai will have for sale a convention exclusive articulated Goku, as part of their Dragon Stars line (about the same size as Figuarts/Figma.)  $35 price tag.  Depending on how many they produced they are likely going to either flood the market and be worth next to nothing, or be really hard to find and way overpriced.  We'll see this weekend.

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40 minutes ago, The Bear said:

Was excited until I saw how fugly it is.  Its crazy how bad the joints look, especially when you compare it to the Figure Rise kits.

Wow you ain't kidding, that is rough.

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I'm gonna look in person to see if it looks any better, but yeah.  Considering we already own a dozen or more S.H. Figuarts, Bandai needs to step up their game.

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