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A of JAX

Trunks Sword Orange Retribution.

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Trunks Protective Lv. 1
Trunks Lv. 2-4 Awakening

Orange Retribution Mastery


Physical Combat:

3 Orange Sword Chop
3 Trunks' Sword Slash
3 Trunks' Knee Bash
3 Dashing Sword Attack
2 Orange Uppercut
2 Orange Refocus
2 Pulverize
2 Wall Breaker
Orange Defense

Energy Combat:

3 Orange Bicycle Kick
2 Orange Stare Down
2 Orange Power Point
2 Orange Dismissal
Orange Empowered Kick


3 Orange Juke
3 Orange Memory
3 Confrontation
2 Heroic Energy Sphere
Time is a Warrior's Tool


2 Aggressive Sword Drill
Orange Shopping Drill
Orange Hiding Drill
Orange Bottle Drill
Orange Possession Drill
Orange Joint Restraint Drill
Orange Hoping Drill
Orange Checkup Drill
Orange Intimidating Drill
Orange Steady Drill
Orange Burning Aura Drill
Orange Commanding Drill
Android Attack Drill
Quickness Drill
Lookout Drill
Amphibious Exploration Drill

Lots of combos in this deck after the erratas and CRDs. Though it has 17 drills, it's still very aggressive and the new FanZ set Legends helps with the sword fun/combos. Figured I'd never attend any tournament since none are near me so I thought posting this was best with the lack of sword theme decks on here. Never played anyone with it (just made it today) so I have no idea if it's particularly weak against anything, maybe anger or lack of endurance? Thought of switching Android Attack Drill and Orange Shopping Drill, but with Black being unfrozen for certain MPs, I don't know. Feel free to find as many combos as you can, though I'm sure most of you will find most, if not all of them. Insults and praise are always welcome.

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