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Release Anniversary Event (Gencon 2017)

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So Bandai is holding what they call their "Release Anniversary Tournament", which sounds dumb, but looks fun.  This is their first big event and it is going down at Gencon next week.


Here are the particulars.  2 separate events, Saturday and Sunday, 48 players each, 6 rounds of swiss, best of 1 (25 min.).  Entry will get you a tournament pack, cardboard Goku Black Rose hair "crown" and a set of DBS sleeves.  Entry fee is to simply buy at least 1 pack of DBS product at the host store, Good Games in Indianapolis.

Sign ups are a little interesting, here are the ways to do so:

24 players will be chosen via online entry.  Entry form went up in July with an August 1st deadline.  24 players from those forms were emailed their entry confirmation.

24 players will be chosen via in store lottery.  Starting Thursday morning players may go to the Bandai booth inside the convention and request a lottery ticket (quantities are limited).  Players then go to the event 30 minutes before start and lottery will be drawn to fill out the last 24 players.  Those with a lottery ticket who do not make it into the event will each receive a pack of sleeves for coming (while supplies last).

Tournament format:  This event will have special rules that do not necessarily reflect the official OP rules for DBSCCG.  There will be 6 swiss rounds, 25 minutes per round, best of 1 game.  Winners will receive 3 points and losers receive 0.  If players do not finish their game within 25 minutes, both players will be given a loss.  At the end of 6 rounds, players will be ranked according to how many points they have accumulated.  1st-3rd will receive trophys as well as more tournament packs and top 2 will get mats.  Full details available here: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/event/exhibition-event/gen-con_2017.php


As for myself, I received an email yesterday that I made it in via the online entry for Saturday, which is cool because I didn't want to have to try the lottery, and I will be flying out at about the time the second event is happening on Sunday.  I'll send back info and let you know how I do!

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