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Play Multiple Counter:Attack Cards against one action?

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Simple question, my opponent attacks and I would like to play 2 counter cards in response to his one attack (not talking about counter:counters, simply can I play two Counter:Play cards on one attack)?

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This is a good question.  Both the Counter timing rules (4-7) and the combat rules (7-1) only state one initial counter per action with no looping clause, but it doesn't specify that you can't.


for now I would say only 1 Counter per action, but I may be wrong.

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I knew I remembered seeing this somewhere. It's in the FAQ.

Q. Can you activate multiple [Counter] -type skills at once?
A. No, you cannot. Even if the specified timing is the same, you can only activate one counter per counter timing."


I believe Bear posted the FAQ before, but here it is again. http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/pdf/series1_rules_qa.pdf?Update=20170727

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