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Gencon 2017 - News and Exclusive spoiler from Anniv Tournament

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Reporting in from Gencon 2017 Day 3.  Today was the first of two "Release Anniversary" tournaments, being held off-site of the convention at Good Games in Indianapolis Indiana.  I was able to register online for the event, so I booked it from the convention center to the store as soon as my volunteer shift ended to check in.

44 players came together, running may variants of well known decks like Broly green and Vegeta blue, plus a hint of Frieza Yellow and a strong showing from Champa.  The tournament's winner, in fact, was Anthony Hernandez with Red/Blue Champa.  Anthony took home a VERY large trophy, playmat and TEN additional tournament promo packs.  (for those wondering how I did, please just....move along.  Let's just say I'm lucky that the 2 promo packs they gave to ALL attendees netted me at least 1 foil).

One of the more interesting prizes that players were given for entering (or for getting a lottery ticket and not getting in) was a set of sleeves.  This pack of 0 sleeves features a new piece of DBS artwork as well as the word "Winner" at the bottom, and they have said they will likely be prizes for future tournaments.  The REALLY cool part is in addition to the 60 deck sleeves, the pack included one leader sleeve, which was clear on both sides, but has a small border on the sides and bottom.  Expect to see these being gouged on eBay any day now.

But the real story is not how we did, it's what was said!  In attendance were representatives of Bandai and game developers Moteki Yoshito Sensei (Right) and Kawashima Tatsuro Sensei (Left), both decked out in Turtle School gi.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

After the event finished they thanked us and gave us a bit of news about upcoming product and processes.  (NOTE: the following is not final and as always could be subject to change)

- OP.  Bandai is currently working on large events, judge programs and more, hoping to release more info before the end of the year.

- Set 2 will be releasing in November and spoilers will be hitting the website as early as next month.  There have already been pictures circulating on Facebook of some previews at the Bandai booth(including Future Trunks and Zamasu leaders), but the folks running the event wanted to give us all a little something extra and spoiled a THIRD new leader coming in set 2 that has some DEVASTATING effects.  Grab your Potara and hide the jawbreakers, because the martial artist formerly known as Vegirot is coming to town:

Image may contain: one or more people

Vegito - Leader - Red - 10,000

Permanent - Each <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> in all of your areas gain red, blue and green colors.

Auto - When this card attacks, place up to 1 card from the top of your deck in the Drop Area.  If that card is red, this card gains +5000 power for the duration of the turn.

Awaken (Standard)

Image may contain: 1 person

Fusion Warrior Super Saiyan Vegito - Awakened Leader - Red - 15,000

Permanent - Each <Son Goku> and <Vegeta> in all of your areas gain red, blue and green colors.

Auto - When this card attacks draw 1 card and if there are 10 or more total <Son Goku> or <Vegeta> in your Drop Area this card gains +5000 power and Double Strike for the duration of the turn.


Everything changes in Dragon Ball Super series 2, coming in November.


Some quick shout outs to the crew of Good Games in Indianapolis for a great venue and an amazing hosting job, Anthony Hernandez for running a great game (and beating me soundly in round 1), Allek "The Beard" Pastrana of Bearded Collectibles for letting me get my only W of the night and finally, but most importantly, Moteki-Sensei, Kawashima-Sensei and the rest of the Bandai Crew for running a quality event and giving us fans so much to enjoy and talk about.



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That Vegeto teeters on the realm of broken. He's not, but he's very close in just what he can easily enable via colour fixing and tri-land Goku and Vegeta.

If a Yellow of both happens, it might be actually broken, but for now I'd say he's held back by the fact he only interacts with Red cards on Leader side and dead cards on Awakening. He himself doesn't work with what he can enable.

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did a little better in sundays event 2-3 with one loss due to a double loss and the other 2 were very close one being to saturdays champion. 


my brother got 3rd despite having the same record  and beating the 2nd place player head to head which i dont know how he was rated over him.

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