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Hey all, this may have been answered but I could not find the thread.

My question is: Once you are done in the main phase and proceed to battle, can you go back into the main phase?


- Cabba atk Leader

- Cabba goes into rest mode

After Cabba is in rest mode can I now evolve him and proceed with another atk?

- Cabba evolve into Raging Cabba

- Raging Cabba atk Leader

- Raging Cabba goes into rest mode

If this does not work then what or how would you use\utilize Raging Cabba?



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Attacking with a battle card or leader card is an action that you can take during your main phase.  When your main phase begins you enter free timing (section 6-3-1-2), allowing you to take any action that can take place during your main phase, such as playing battle cards, attacking with battle cards or leader, playing extra cards, activating abilities, etc.  These actions can be performed in any order as many times as possible given that you have the resources to carry out a given action.


So to answer your question, yes you can attack with Cabba and then evolve him into Raging Cabba to switch him to active mode and attack again in the same turn.  It may also be helpful to point out that if you use Saiyan Cabba's ability to give him +10k power and double strike for the turn that these effects will carry over if he is evolved into Raging Cabba on the same turn.  While double strike becomes redundant at this point the +10k bonus is still nice.

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