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Special Product announcements to stores; Draft boxes and Deck box packs

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New information has just gone out from Distributors to shops and dealers on new items that will be on sale in late 2017/early 2018.


Draft Box 01 - December 2017

Includes: 12 Packs of series 1; 12 packs of series 2; 4 random leader cards (1 of each color, it looks like, the language is unclear); Draft rules; prize for the winner

So it looks like this will be an all in one pack for 4 players to draft.  Placeholder images show that it comes in a tuck box that could be used for storage.  MSRP is $99.99


Expansion Deck Box sets - Mighty Heroes and Dark Demon's Villains - January 2018

Includes: 1 Deck box (Goku/Vegeta image on Heroes, image TBD on Villains looks like either Broly or rage mode Kale); 7 exclusive cards in foil and non-foil versions (cards TBD)

Two sets of exclusive cards, likely their own promo sets.  Character images on the hero pack are Vegeta, Goku and Trunks (from Light of Hope Trunks), images on the villains pack are blacked out but look like Broly/Kale, Frost and Towa (female demon antagonist from Dragon Ball Xenoverse).  MSRP is $16.99

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I love the idea of a draft box being sold but it's hard to justify that price.  Half a box of set one and half a box of set 2 for $100 when a box costs $65?  The "prizes" they include better make it worth it if they expect people to buy this instead of making their own draft kits. 


I thought having only 4 leaders could screw with the draft but then remembered that every pack has a leader in it, so the chances of getting stuck with a leader you dont want can be mitigated by drafting a different one.  Even then though, the leaders that require specific cards (Broly, Frieza, Ginyu) get hosed in draft because the cards they need will have limited availability.


I like the deck box set idea but that price is killing me.  However, since 2 copies of the promos are included I expect many people to buy multiple deck box sets to collect them and then the secondary market will be flooded with extra deck boxes.


This is a good sign though. I'm glad Bandai is going the things I wish Panini had done with their game.

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