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Red Yellow Champa Version 2

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So a little while ago I posted my deck of Red/Yellow Champa. However after some testing it started falling a bit short. So after a few weeks of testing I believe I made a more new and improve version of the deck. So here is my current deck list of Red/Yellow Champa


The bottom 3 cards on the list is what I added to the deck just for reference. Just some quick thoughts on why I added these cards. I added 3 copies of Guldo mostly for adding in a blocker and provides more yellow energy if I need it for the crusher balls or the Friezas. Having a blocker or two is great when all you need to do is survive for one more turn. Next card I added is Appule. In some of my games before these changes I only had Cabba and hit as early 1 or 2 drop attackers of 15k or more. However there would be quite a number of games where I wouldn't have an attacker of 15k or more until I had 3 energy. I needed to find a way to increase the odds of having a 15k attacker by turn 2 so Appule was very needed. Just by adding this card as a 4 of really helped keeping the draw power thanks to Champa's power.

Finally the last card I added was Lighting Fast Hit. Some of you guys may of remember me saying this card was terrible in the last thread I made. I didn't think the games lasted long enough to really justify adding him in the deck outside of a blue/red build. Since then though I added this card to the deck and it just does wonders. If I can't kill them while being aggressive with the deck this card will usually finish the job because they will be at 1-2 life cards and the burn damage will be enough to win games. I was wrong to say that this card was terrible in set 1 and if you have the room to play it in your red decks I do suggest it. 


So down below I will provide my former deck list I posted. I've tested many different cards into the build and I feel this is the best edition of the deck I built of Red/Yellow Champa so far. I am always looking for improvements though so feel free to give me some suggestions. Also if you have any questions on what I removed or add some cards feel free to ask. It's late at night so not sure how my grammar will be so I will probably edit this sometime tomorrow to fix any spelling errors and grammatical errors as well.


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