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Artificial Human

Namekian Radiant Gohan

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After @Mysterious Youth gave me the suggestion to switch from Piccolo or Kami to Gohan due to the Level 2, I thought I'd change. Ended up looking at @Edison Carasio's old Namekian Restored Gohan build for inspiration and while I have no doubt that deck is tons better, I wanted to try out Radiant. Not willing to give up the Earth Balls if I switch to Namekian Restored Mastery because my friend is still rocking Namekian Knowledge Piccolo. :/ Most debated card is Namekian Training Ball for Namekian Force Push. Force Push is hard to block and does a ton of damage, but Training Ball isn't effected by Endurance.

Fan Z

No Ultra Rares

Namekian Radiant Mastery

Gohan - To The Rescue
Gohan - Young Warrior
Gohan - Determined
Gohan - Armored

1 Earth Dragon Ball 1
1 Earth Dragon Ball 2
1 Earth Dragon Ball 3
1 Earth Dragon Ball 4
1 Earth Dragon Ball 5
1 Earth Dragon Ball 6
1 Earth Dragon Ball 7

1 Chichi
1 Bulma
1 Piccolo
1 Kami
1 Yajarobe
1 Korin
1 Icarus

3 Confrontation
1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
3 Namekian Hybrid Defense
3 Namekian Overtime

2 Namekian Heritage Drill
2 Namekian Assistance Drill

3 Namekian Forceful Block
3 Namekian Flinch

3 Overpowering Attack
3 Namekian Maximum Will
3 Namekian Onslaught
3 Namekian Confident Burst
3 Namekian Door Destruction
3 Namekian Salvo
3 Namekian Training Ball
2 Namekian Resourceful Shot

3 Namekian Crossed Guard

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For the record, are you building all these decks to play against a friend who exclusively plays Knowledge Piccolo? I might give different advice if that's the case.

Any reason you're using Determined and Armored over Awakening or Future Gohan? Determined is trash. If someone ever Digs you up, you'll have a bad time unless ^, then nevermind.

I don't know if the deck needs Forceful Block, especially at 3 since you have allies. I'm still for adding up to 3 Clench. Flinch on the other hand makes far more sense now because you have allies. Not sure if there's a way to fit Buffer in unless you don't like the banish after use.

Training Ball vs Force Push, I'd go for Force Push. The block difficulty, endurance, and potential banish especially against Namekian can hurt. Not to mention the huge damage.

Another thing to think about is running some or all of the Namekian energies that draw on hit as your boosts let them crit and if they don't have Time you can keep a combat going. For sure I would force at least Hand Burst in because I love that card. Harder to stop and it can already crit. Not to mention you can set up the draw with Hybrid Defense or other Rejuvs.

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@Mysterious Youth Yeah, I'm pretty much playing only against the one person. Trying to get him to build different decks, he's open to make every Style but Orange and Saiyan.

3 and 4 really don't matter unless my mate uses It's Over 9000 or something like that, as I plan to camp on 2.

I'll switch to Force Push.

By Clench, do you mean Clamp?

I am not sure I need any of the draw on hit cards when I can just cycle Onslaught with Hybrid and it has a restriction more based on what I have out vs what the opponent does.

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Yeah, with you clarifying you can use whatever 3 or 4 you wish. Just get a heads up if your friend starts playing Dig.

I do mean Clamp.

It was an idea my friend brought up when he was using a deck like this. It makes sense and I've been on the receiving end of unlimited attacks though it's not a consistent thing to rely on. It unfortunately was gross enough for me to start justifying Time's existence. I'll still advocate for Hand Burst though.

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