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Artificial Human

Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

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15 hours ago, v3rse said:

I'll find my old list tomorrow for you. I never finished it because I was focused on other decks and someone at locals started showing up with their own raditz deck, but it should at least be a decent shell to start from. Could get nixed real quick though if they freeze empowered though. Just as a word of caution. 

Here go:



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On 10/26/2017 at 2:36 PM, Artificial Human said:

I have been going on a deck building blitz recently. While doing this I've noticed that the developers seemingly start ideas, but don't support them adequately or make complete garbage cards that don't function correctly. Saiyan Rampaging eventually got what it needed, after the community chastised the developers for the Evolution Vegeta debacle, and Copy is seemingly getting there, eventually, circa 2025, maybe.

The whole game frankly falls under this because they put themes in and don't adequately support them or make garbage, unfunctioning cards. Black doesn't even have a real theme, but Red caught my eye.

* Red Enraged wasn't the best during Premier, that's granted. It barely functioned. But never got what I would describe as organic support, they just gave it a shotgun and was told 'Go at it'. Look at Red Enraged Mastery. It gets Anger off Criticals. Ok, it's too open and easy to break due to general incompetence in card design, but if you saw something that got Anger off Criticals, how would you support it? It already has two ways to shut off Endurance, both an Energy and a Setup, so maybe a Drill, Physical or Event to give some fall back? Make it more reliable? Ok. That's part of it. But what about dealing Critical Damage? Higher damaging attacks? Well, it got a couple of +4 Stages Physicals, but cards like Red Slide are poorly worded and jank. For the life of me I don't get why it wasn't around the other way or didn't raise your Anger period. But what about Energy Attacks? They do Life Card Damage, have a great setup in Red Static Shot. Should Crit. But Nope. So many 4 or Less that can't Crit, no real easy way to empower them up and the deck that seems the easiest way to support Red Enraged didn't exist. Lastly, what about card effects that work when they Crit. It's in Red's theme. Nope. Instead, we get forced Criticals. Critical Effects chucked on everything and Red Enraged became a problem.

* Red Ruthless is not a bad Mastery, but Red Interference was the only useful support it ever got. Red Interference's Physical version, Red Cross Block, doesn't work because it's not Banish After Use. As far as I remember, Red Interference is the only card Red has to set up Red Ruthless, otherwise you have to wait till your opponent cannot attack anymore or luck out on Damage. It's bothersome too, because just a card that says 'When it's revealed, rearrange discard' would have been simple enough to work. Red Ruthless benefits off being a largely generic Mastery, but frankly, with the lack of quality support, it should have just been the Cell Saga Red Style Mastery and kept simple.

* Red Ascension has a neat theme in Awakening that isn't fully fleshed out and could be a good deck. Red Stage Lock. There are a few good cards there that if you've gained Stages that combat, your opponent loses Stages. Not even to a minimum. I would really like to see this one fleshed out, it looks fun. You can kinda make it with No13 due to redundancy of his effects, but the deck as a whole has no cohesion due to not having enough support. Maybe 2 cards worth running. The real shame is, anything they could have given to Enraged could have worked for Red Ascension, due to their activation triggers.


This is all while the game was going on. It basically goes for all Styles too. The only one Fan Z finished, and subsequently made a problem, was Orange Drill Mill. They tried supporting Black's Masteries, and I applaud them, but I don't feel it was enough. This is partially why all Decks have a core they are built around, because most of the cards don't have what they need. I am concerned now that 10 will have the same problem, especially with the small size.

Orange Drill Mill got the support it needed, because most of the developers were control players, and knew how to make it work. Ruthless Physical Beats, and Ascension Stage Lock were not understood at all by the developers, so those themes got poor support. 

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