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Named cards you want to see?

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What named cards would you like to see for past characters? Or even future characters?

I'd like Tien to get a multiform card. Something like:

Tien's Multiform Drill

(If this drill is destroyed from the top of your life deck you may place it into play and draw a card.)

∞: When entering combat draw a card. Your attacks after modifiers deal half damage rounded up. During the discard step, if you are not at your maximum hand size you may draw a card. Banish this card when your opponent deals critical damage.

Is this a broken card I can't tell.

I'd also like a Great Ape Vegeta L4 for villain Vegeta who will hopefully be interchangeable with Majin Vegeta, who will also hopefully have a Final Explosion card.

Also feel like Roshi should have got a named Kamehameha instead of Krillin, considering he invented it.

Double Sunday for Radz?


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There's a Master Roshi's Kamehameha in Fan Z.

I don't have any ideas for what these cards would do, but...

Goku's Spirit Bomb needed to be a thing forever ago

A styled Trunks' Burning Attack

Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha? Sounds weird but that's what it is

Hercule's Poisoned Chocolates/Exploding Video Game/Victory Photo

Vegeta's Big Bang Attack - Japan can screw off for Destruction Blast. There's a screenshot in Kid Buu we can use to make it happen

Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade/Light Grenade - Focused Ball wasted a perfect screenshot

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4 hours ago, Nothing At All said:

All of these and then some.

Wasn't Assisted a nod to Father Son?

Can Hercule's be called Present For You or was that only in the video games?

If there's going to be a Vegito, I will like Pinball Attack to be made.

I was going to say "PRESENT FOR YA!"

But I would also love to see a Burning Attack and Heat Dome for Trunks, and a One Armed Kamehameha for future Gohan.

Or, above all else, "Cooler's Dick Punch" :P

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