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Ok guys, first and most obvious build of the wonderful girl Gohan ruined. >_> So anyway, just going for a bare bones build, nothing amazing or interesting. Only notable choices are the anger costing cards, which I felt I had enough anger to utilise. Might work on Black Videl after this. I could see that being an enjoyable mill deck. No one plays Black Foreshadowing anymore.

-Visiting the Past
-Devastating Blow
-Red Lightning Slash
-Red Lifting Kick
-Red Face Break
-1 Red Power Rush

+2 Red Cover Drill
+Red Burning Stance
+Red Shoulder Grab
+Red Right Punch
+Red Cheap Shot

Fan Z

No Ultra Rares

Red Ruthless Mastery

Videl - Student
Videl - Heroic
Videl - Battle Ready
Videl - Battle Hardened

2 Red Cover Drill

2 Red Relaxation

1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
2 Red Restriction
3 Red Stop


3 Videl's Eagle Kick
3 Videl's Determination
3 Red Burning Stance
3 Red Shoulder Grab
3 Red Power Lift
3 Red Heel Kick
3 Red Double Strike
2 Red Power Rush
3 Red Shattering Leap
3 Red Right Punch
3 Red Collision
3 Red Sword Stab
3 Red Arial Assault
3 Red Cheap Shot

3 Red Blocking Hand

3 Red Defensive Stance
3 Red Interference

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You guys don't waste any time!  Red Ruthless is a good choice for Videl imo because you'll hopefully get some level-up action.  I vouch for 3 Red Relaxation.  I always run 3.  Using a crit when entering combat is GOLDEN. Screw you, allies.  Also, the potential to stop pa DBV is just so good. 

I kind of want to try 18 in Black Conflict.  GRRRRRR I think of decks quicker than I get a chance to use them in tournaments!!!  I have two in queue before I even mess with the new stuff. 

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Got to try it yesterday. The deck works, it won, but needed a lot of tuning. I was basically relying so heavily on Red Shattering Leap and finding it really hard to get past Level 2, but I think the deck as a whole needs to be made to function a lot better. Edits are in the OP.

Endurance was a big issue. My friend jam packed his deck with it and unless I could turn it off, I was boned. So I went for Red Cover Drill and a small amount of Drill support.

I also found the anger costing cards and non-styled cards to be a bit of a burden because of the Mastery, so I removed all but Red Stop and Red Heel Kick for the anger costing cards and brought down my non-styled down to just named cards.

Dragon Balls were a freaking nightmare to deal with when my opponent has so much endurance, so I went back to packing Red Shoulder Grab like the good old days.

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Good choices imo.  I am running a Red Ruthless build at the Dennis Games next weekend and you'd BETTER BELIEVE I am packing Heel Kicks and Shoulder Grabs.  Heel Kick makes you lower your anger 2, sure, but you can grab a double strike, get that anger back, and have two more physical attacks!

I always rock Red Relaxation x 3 because that card is brooooooookeeeeeeen.  Every time you use a critical when entering combat to take a dragon ball or snipe an ally, it feels like MAGIC APPEARS.  AND you get the bottom discard?!  Sign me up!  Drew it when your opponent entered on you?  NO PROB pitch that sucker with the mastery if you really need to!

\rave over

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