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DBZ Single Cards

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Hi all, I am brand new to this forums just happen to find it while I was trying to build a deck to finally start participating in DBZ games.

In any case I will soon update this thread with a list of cards I am in need of as well as cards I have on hand and willing to sell.


This is for my personal collection and sadly missing the most high valued cards if anyone can give me a decent and not overly priced offer on these cards please feel free to post on my thread.

  • BT1-031 SPR God Break Son Goku x1
  • BT1-073 SPR Broly, The Rampaging Horror x1
  • BT1-086 SPR Golden Frieza, The Resurrected Terror x1 
  • BT2-012 SPR Repeated Force Vegito x1
  • BT2-058 SPR Infinite Forced Fused Zamasu x1
  • BT2-108 SPR The Infinite Force Meta-Cooler Core x1

Can do trades as well in person if you are local to me live in Cali :) in LA

List of Available Cards

Coming Soon Stay Tuned

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I have the Frieza, no idea what the value on it is, since it appears a lot of people never cared for him much, but we can work something out im sure if you would like. ^_^ Feel free to PM me.

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