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Saiyan Oppressive Gohan

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So I know Oppressive Trunks can rocket off level 1 pretty quickly but it means you have to lead with a true styled attack if you want to start the skipping game.  So far I'm liking Gohan as an alternative to Trunks or any other Saiyan so far.  Gohan Adept can turn all your attacks, even your mp power, into styled attacks giving you a much larger variety of attacks that you can lead combat with and gain the Mastery's "first styled attack gains, skip action" effect.  Meaning you can open with answers if needed or stack that extra anger to then fallow up with Gohan's Power Punch for an unstoppable +5s or better.  

From what I've seen through playing and playing against, Saiyan Sword Skill really holds any Oppressive deck together allowing for those chains of skip actions.  This is the first build and probably can and will be fine turned and I'm considering adding in the End Combat cards like EBD 7, Blinding Energy Move and Saiyan Shattering Blow.  Also Saiyan Elbow Drop probably could and should find its way into this deck as it represents 2 attacks, with a potential 2 anger and 2 skips with Sword Skill Attached.


Saiyan Oppressive Mastery


Gohan - Adept

Gohan - Unlocked

Gohan - Unassuming

Gohan - Undeniable 


Physical Attacks:

x3 Gohan's Power Punch

x3 Gohan's Backlash

x3 Suppressive Strike 

x2 Heroic Dashing Punch

x3 Devastating Blow

x2 S. Body Blow

x3 S. Gut Kick

x3 S. Spin Kick

x3 S. Terrifying Strike 


Energy Attacks:

X3 S. Burst

x3 S. Prepped Ball



x3 S. Outrage

x3 S. Reverse Catch

x3 S. Energy Release

x3 S. Arm Catch




x2 Confrontation 

x2 Heroic Energy Sphere

x2 S. Display of Power

x1 S. Strength Test

x2 S. Sword Skill



x2 S. Enraged

x3 S. Pre-Game





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