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The Big Gete Star enabled me to cheat death, how can this be?!

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So I have like no one to play with, as my two friends who play won't buy the last few cards to finish their decks or hell, play with incomplete decks so they can remember the game. So I sit at home and deck build because my life is sad. I'm hoping if I build enough decksI can get others to play with me.... I just wanna run A17. 

Here we go! Meta Cooler! Because why not? 


Leader: Meta Cooler (who would have guessed?)



Battle Cards

Infinite Force Meta Cooler x18

Big Gete Star x1

SR Cooler x3

Meta Cooler Core x4

Awakening Core Meta Cooler x4

Usher of Death x4 (free blocker!)

Dedoria x4

Mecha Freiza UC x4


Death Eye Beams x3

Big Bad laser ring x4

Crusher Ball x1


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I cant stress enough how important it is to have 4 copies of the Meta Cooler Core SR in this deck.  Between natural card draw, milling yourself with Big Gete ,and the possibility of them ending up in your life, you absolutely need to run 4 of them for when you are finally able to search for it using the 1-cost core and Gete.  Meta Cooler tends to rely on this move, so 4 is a must.

I'd change out the Mecha Frieza uncommon; 4 cost is quite steep and you can use your multiplication coolers for board control instead of attacking the opponent.  On that note, I like to have my Multi-Coolers at 22-24 because of how essential it is.  Darkness Eye Beams is neat but I prefer Death Razor, as the opponent will tend to attack with their most powerful cards and your awakened cooler has the ability to rest a battle card, so eye beams is kinda redundant.


I like Meta Cooler but ultimately I feel it tends to suffer the same way that the Babidi leader does, in that their primary effects (Cooler Core Searching out the 7 drop and Buu's Ball searching out fat Buu) can ONLY search the deck.  There is always the potential for these effects to whiff since by the time you are able to use them it is the mid/late game and the target cards may no longer be in the deck.  Even with 4 copies of the target cards in each deck I found that whiffing on the search was not uncommon; in this deck it means you spend 5 energy and shoot yourself in the foot by eating your Gete Star.  That being said, MetaCooler is tons of fun to play but I wouldnt take it to a regional due to the inconsistency with the search effect.

I've only started using OCTGN recently but recommend it if you are having trouble finding people to play with.

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I just didn't like the 2 cost on death razor.  But hell, lets give it a shot. 


-3 Dark Eyes, +3Death Razor

-4 Mecha Freezer, +1SR cooler, +3 Plague of Rats Coolers. 


Looks like I'll be ordering tonight. Maybe I can convince a friend to finish his Vegeto deck while i order. 

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