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Good DBS Decks

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I'm new to the DBS card game and I want to know the Best decks to start with. I opened 4  packs to get started and opened one pack that had all rares. With the following leaders what deck can and should I make?

1. Vegeta super saiyan blue

2. God of Destruction Beerus 

3. Full power son Gohan

4. Ultimate form golden Frieza

5. Champa

6. Legendary super saiyan Broly


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The meta decks are kinda all set 2 based. However, SSB Vegeta was killer for awhile and likely still is. He's pretty basic but gets the job done efficiently.  Shoryuu has a good thread about him on here, that would be a good starting point if you're looking to swing meta right out if the gate.  


I personally say to play the app a few times and then figure out what kind of plays you like and pick a leader you think sounda good. Someone has to invent thr wheel, so why not you?

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Thanks for the help! Really! I played the old dbz card game and I think it sucked REALLY BAD! I heard this game was a BIG improvement so I got a few packs to see, and the arts on the cards instantly got me in the game.  I'm looking for starter decks so I can really get started, but can't find ANY! 

As for you saying Blue vegeta's good,  that's a big relief! You know a blue vegeta deck list I can go off of to start? 

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