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poll, best way to win in tcg's

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Hello everyone! I am doing some research for when I create my own TCG/CCG. My question is what do you think is the best generic way to win in a game (aside from cards that say you win if you do this or play this.) for example yugioh has life points and you must deplete the opponents life points to win. Another example is how vanguard makes the opponent give "score cards" when you hit them directly or even that old game ( i cant remember the name) where you have "shield" cards once all your shields are gone if you get attacked again you lose. I would love to hear all of your opinions on this and thank you!

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That's an interesting question. The game you were thinking of is Duel Masters by the way, which was reborn into Kaijudo for a time and the same essential mechanic is used currently in Dragon Ball Super.


Honestly I don't really know if I have a preference.  I would say I prefer something in theme with the game's IP or story.

Magic The Gathering's premise is that you are a mage playing spells to defeat your opponent, with your vitality represented as 20 life points.

Dragonball Z (Score and Panini) had your attacks to damage to your opponent's deck, which represented their life/ability to fight.

Yu Yu Hakusho had each player run a team of 4 fighters (with 1 reserve that could be played from deck) and the first player to defeat 3 of their opponent's 5 fighters won.

Just choosing a generic end game requirement because it's "popular" is more of a weak design choice.  Otherwise you are just building a game and sticking a theme on it.  I think keeping the IP as your centerpoint and building the game around that, regardless if you follow "popular" game mechanics, is key.

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I don't think any are particularly superior to one another. I know there are some arguments against Prizes/Shields/Damage Cards/Life Cards as they remove cards from the players chance to draw cards, more of a case for Prizes/Damage Cards ala Pokemon and Vanguard, but they're fine. The games usually have ways to cycle through the deck fast and/or small decks with hand sizes calculated to give some consistency.

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