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Orlando Regionals

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Just a quick recap for those interested (not doing a full tournament report because, honestly, I don't remember half of it lol) but I went to the Orlando Regionals this past weekend. Myself and @The Bear drove together in the early morning and got there around 8:30 and after 9 rounds of swiss I didn't leave until 10 pm.

Out of 280+ entrants I got 64th with a record of 5-3-1. I was running Blue/Green Androids and my losses were to Ginyu, Cell, and Mecha Frieza.

It may not sound like a lot, but this was my first tournament anywhere close to this size and I am very happy with how I did. I definitely want to attend another Regional before the season is over, just not sure which one.

So, yeah, there's my quick and dirty tourney report. I was already in town for a convention so the timing of the regional worked out perfectly. I then went back to the con and got Detroit Smashed :V

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The regional was awesome and ARG ran it really well.  DBS was the largest turnout by FAR! We took up half of the convention room.  I dropped after going something like 2-3 and played in a box tournament where I lost in the second round.  Players were generally nice and judges were quick.  Me and three friends eventually all dropped and bought two draft boxes, which we played that night at the hotel room and the next day at my friend's apartment.

Biggest cons were:

  • No food allowed, so me and my friends had to run to the car between rounds to get some snacks in us. 
  • There was one concession stand, which wasn't enough.  It wasnt open early on and closed before we left.  After round 4/5 tensions between players were noticeably rising.
  • Box tournament entry was $20 a head; so $160 in entries to play for a box the organizers get for below MSRP.  3rd-8th did get TP2 and 2nd got an ARG playmat, but this still seems a bit excessive and many people were complaining. $15/per person ($120 total) would make them less money per box tournament but would make up for it by getting more tournaments going.

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1 hour ago, Vile said:

Always nice to see forum members meeting up. Sorry to hear you did poor Bear. 


Shoryuu were you running the droid deck you posted here?

It was the same except I swapped Expanding Energy Android 17 for the Promo 17.

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