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Awakening during battle

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Hey all,

Just had a question about awakening during battle.  My opponent attacks my leader, and during battle i choose to to awaken, can i combo with the cards that I've drawn from awakening?  I ask because of the order of things in the rules manual  makes it seem the last thing you can do is awaken, and I don't think I can but figured I'd ask the more knowledgeable.  Thank you!



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You people and your "combo step", lol.


So to elaborate, this game works on what is called "Free Timings".  A free timing is a phase where you have a list of actions you can take.  When you are in that free timing, you may choose any one of those actions and perform it.  Once you finish that action you return to the free timing and may again perform an action from that same list, you can even perform the same action multiple times in a row.  There are no restrictions on which actions you can perform or in what order or how many times, aside from having enough resources to do so.

The "combo" step as some people call it is actually called the Offense and Defense step.  During those steps, the appropriate player may choose from the following actions:

1) Put a card from your hand into your combo area
2) move an active mode battle card from your battle area to your combo area
3) use an Activate: Battle skill on one of your cards in play or an extra card from your hand
4) Use your Leader's Awaken skill (if you qualify for it)

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