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Score DBZ cards for sale

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All prices are negotiable and include shipping price within the US. If you live overseas, the ship cost will increase and any purchase that is lost in transit or what have you is not my problem. I will package and ship them safely in toploaders etc, but I've had issues selling overseas so to avoid that, unless I know you, overseas payments will be done via "gift" through paypal. I've been around for years and anyone that has been around for a long time will vouch for me from the OCG/old top tier site. I will be receiving more cards soon, all cards for sale are coming for an X score employee, so the prices are fairly firm but I can do some deals, especially if you buy a lot. So with that being said, onto the list


All cards are in NM to mint condition. With only a couple having small white marks on the edge on the back, of those they're pretty old so considering the age, in great shape. 



Pikkon level 5 unlim - 90

goku the galaxys hero level 5 WGS unlim - 200

Eternal dragon quest Lim - 70

The hero is down unlim x4 - 80

The hero is down GKI - 60

Villain's true power Lim - 110

Villain's true power Unlim - 80

Villain's true power GKI - 60

Medic Kit saiyan saga unlim - 100

Gokus truce saiyan saga unlim - 50

Victorious x3 Uber rare - 90 ea



cell stage 1 hi tech - 40

Motherly rage x2 - 10 ea

Body slam x3 - 5 ea

Line up android saga foil - 40

team work Kamehameha Android saga foil - 40

Black Lunge x2 - 15 ea

True Grit x 3 - 20 ea

Vegetas Lunge - 45


Foil Limited Rares:

Goke level 4 Cell saga - 45


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