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Artificial Human

Orange Bardock (Deck Concept)

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I didn't like Bardock when he was first revealed, as it wasn't what I was expecting, but it's grown on me over time. It's different. But Black Bardock is a bit of a dud from what I've heard, despite having the most immediate synergy.

@ChangelingBard mentioning him today got me thinking of him again, I haven't touched the game since last year, but I want to do something with him. So I thought about what he's trying to do and what has the most synergy with that. It's Orange. Both Orange Energy Dan Drill and Orange Precise Shot interact with him really well on 1 and 2, then work in tandem with him on 3. I don't think you need to go past 3 if you can rejuvenate and cycle the Precise Shots, as they aren't BAU and his own effect is gutting their deck of 3 cards a turn, precise cards. Mastery is a bit hard, especially in my kitchen table format with no Ultra Rares, I think there are great arguments for both Retribution, speed to 3, and Adept, stability due to Energy Dan and Captivity being the main Drills I think I'd run here.

However, after his Named Cards, I'm not sure where to take the deck. I believe this is the ideal place for Bardock, but not sure how to build this type of control deck. I'm an Aggro or Turtle kinda guy.

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I actually built pretty much the same deck you have in your mind there awhile ago. I tried a variety of builds, across all the different Orange Masteries, and I ultimately settled for Retribution being the best one for the anger gain since a big focus in your deck is going to be getting up to his Level 3 (or you can just Unleashed your way there, but MPPV can be pretty damn vital in some match-ups).

I put up a deck list awhile ago, but honestly, going into this, I had pretty much the same issue you did with not knowing what the hell I was really doing with it so the recipe is a bit of a mess. I've since cleaned it up, and I'll post the updated list in a little while for you to peruse for ideas if you like.

A big point with Adept, since I was originally convinced it was going to be the Mastery for Bardock, is that your opponent will snipe your Drills. A lot. And Adept has a lot of trouble changing gears once your board starts getting picked apart like that, while Retribution is able to stabilize regardless. You'll also never be hitting as hard as your opponent is, with the trade-off being specific sniping. Fan-fucking-tastic in some match-ups, actual hell in others, so you need to consider who you're versing when you're going into things. An Oppressive Broly is going to be a lot harder to take down for this deck than a Black A17, for example, and you may find yourself trying your hardest to switch gears to MPPV while killing their anti-anger cards (and leaving things like Time).

I said it on my old deck list though, and I'll say it again, Black Bardock is a trap. There are some wonderful synergies that can go down, and when they're happening, you feel like an overpowered god of deck destruction. But one bad combat can leave you desperately trying to recover, and if you are met with the aforementioned Broly, or a Namekian deck that rejuvs like hell, or really any personality that rejuvs (hey, Pikkon and Supreme Kai are useful here) then you're going to have a fucking terrible time.

tl;dr: I've done the exact thing you're thinking, and I feel like it's the perfect example of an "anti-meta" deck that crumbles to rogues. I'll put up my stuff later so you can peruse.

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