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Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

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I made this deck up for fun games on Untap, since DBS on there. First shot at a Super deck, going for a mono-Black Aggro type deal from Magic. Lots of control. But I haven't played a game yet, so IDK how bad this is. I'm not sure how the curve is on this game, if it's slow enough to get big guys out, so I stayed low to the ground.

16 and 19 from Set 2 looked good. But I don't know what to edit.

Broly/Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

4 Slasher Trunks
4 Human Shield Krillin
4 Son Gohan, Family of Justice
4 Paragus, Controller of Monsters
4 Tenacious Vegeta
4 Trunks, Protector of Children
4 Son Goten, Family of Justice
4 Aura of Rage, Super Saiyan Trunks
4 Full Power Vegeta
4 King Vegeta's Suprise Attack
4 Full Power Energy
2 Broly's Ring

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I'd play Broly's ring at 4 just because of how essential it is; between that and Paragus at 4 you should see your ring most games.  Slasher Trunks is a cool early pressure card and green doesnt have alot of solid 1 cost plays but he really doesnt shine unless you're going to evolve him.  Son Gohan blocker isn't very good, in most cases he is going to take one attack and die, which Krillin is better at since he's cheaper.  If you're looking to add A16 I'd say swap him for the Gohan blocker.  I'd pass on Tenacious Vegeta; while he gives some early game pressure his Revenge is not that great since most people will attack him with their leader, and after your opponent awakens he's only really good to combo with.  Aura of Rage Trunks is like Goten but not as good, since you already have Goten I'd cut Trunks for something.

In monogreen I'd definitely recommend Energy Power Gotenks and Super Saiyan Gotenks. 

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-4 Slasher Trunks

-4 Human Shield Krillin

-4 Tenacious Vegeta

-4 Son Gohan, Family of Justice

-4 Aura of Rage, Super Saiyan Trunks

-4 Full Power Vegeta


+2 Broly's Ring (you absolutely have to have 4, the deck can't function without it)

+4 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan (Best self awakening option in Green)

+4 Hidden Awakening Kale

+4 Broly, The Rampaging Horror

+4 Broly, Dawn of the Rampage

+2 Overflowing Bio Warrior Army

+2 Super Saiyan Gotenks

+2 Energy Power Gotenks


That is where I would start anyway.

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14 minutes ago, Vile said:

You all and your Tien cards. Say what you will he's pretty trash. Never once have I wished for Tien in my hand.

How the hell else do you awaken in Green? In any reliable way, that is.

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Never once have I been stalled to awaken. I've only played a few gsmes with set 2 because my local area sucks and the shop I went to 2 hours away shut down. 


But self awaken you say? Yell Vegeta always did me good. 

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1 hour ago, sh0ryu_repp4 said:

Were you playing Broly?

Ye.My decks are Ginyu, Broly set 1

Droids, Cooler set 2. 


APPERENTLY I like yellow and green. I should mix em. Maybe I'll make a Y/G in set 3. 


Honestly though I plan to change Broly to Gotanks when I get one(G/R deck) He seems to be the same but more efficient and dosn't require 8 specific cards in deck.(ring and parsgus)

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll work on a second build of this. I've tried this deck, Androids and SSB Vegeta so far, this one was the only one I didn't have much success with. I can't believe I overlooked Gotenks though.

I got roadblocked by a Zamasu with Indestructable. It made the flip side of Broly rather crappy aside from the power buff. Likewise, with the Life going to hand and drawing, the discard of Broly didn't seem like it made a dent. The game had too much raw draw. I had much more success with Vegeta denying my opponent hand rather than discarding what they had.

I get I need to mix the colours, Blue I think is most obvious as it has bounce.

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Honestly against Zamasu, it may be recommended to go full turtle once they awaken.  the 10 drop is going to knock down your life cards if he gets it out, so best to stall as much as you can so they draw out.  Got one down to 5 cards last weekend, just couldn't get the last attack to stick once they got negate-Zamasu and Black Rose out.

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Zamasu is going to be one of Broly's hardest matchups due to just how much of a hard counter it is.  Broly's awakened ability gets trashed by Zamasu's indestructible cards.  Crit is going to really help in this matchup until your opponent awakens, so Kale/Gohan is a must-have.  Or you could run Piccolo to keep their hand under control around the time they awaken, which will help because Zamasu is one of those leaders that tends to get 12 card hands.  Once Zamasu awakens he becomes a real bitch to deal with but the bright side is that he no longer draws on damage (which is why crit is so good earlier in the match).  Zamasu is also susceptible to triple strike, but I know the options for that are limited in Green.

I'm not sure the full turtle strategy is going to work.  Most Zamasu are between 20-25 cards left in deck when they awaken (in my experience at least).  Once they get the 10 drop out they are going to be hitting you for 1 with the ability and pressuring damage with that and their leader at the least.  It's going to be very difficult to stall against all of that.

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