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R/G Gotenks

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I've been trying a few decks after I posted Broly, which I'll try with suggested updates when I get the chance, but I wanted to give Red a shot, however, it seemed to me Red wasn't really good without something to kill of their hand and had no real strong Turn 2, so I used Goten Leader to use Super Ghost Kamikaze reliably on T2 for Rush Down. If I don't get Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, the Gohan Package seems nice T2 into T3. There is a bit of hand destruction to try to migate giving the opponent hand so early, but it's not reliable on the Leader. Jiren felt more reliable than Fickle Destruction, since it was on a body.

Trying the deck out tomorrow.

Gotenks / Prodigious Strike, Super Saiyan Gotenks

4 Saiyan Cabba
4 Trunks, Protector of Children
4 Fully Trained Son Gohan
4 Gohan's Partner, Videl
4 Furthering Destruction, Champa
4 Energy Power, Gotenks
3 Raging Cabba
4 Jiren, Fist of Justice
4 Ghost Attack, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
3 Miraculous Comeback, Ultimate Gohan

4 Cabba's Awakening
4 Vados' Assistance
4 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

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-4 Fully Trained Son Gohan

-4 Videl, Gohan's Partner

-3 Raging Cabba

-4 Cabba's Awakening

-4 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack


+4 Leap to the Future Son Goten

+4 Mighty Mask, The Mysterious Warrior

+4 Psyched Up Gotenks

+ 4 Super Saiyan Gotenks

+3 Hidden Awakening Kale


If you are going to run Gotenks I recommend using the Gotenks engine, especially since the new Expansion cards came out. Mighty Mask is too good not to run, it gives you access to your 10K combo cards at all times.

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1 minute ago, Vile said:

Ghost Tokens are fun tho

Totally agree.  Played Gotenks for a bit when it came out and the only real reason to run him right now is the Ghost Attack card that summons two of him.  I really think Cell is better positioned to make use of the new Gotenks fusion just because of the amount of draw power he has to set it up.  I would also not run 4x of any of the Gotenks cards that cost 5 or more energy as you can use Leap to the Future to search out the one you need.  I'd go 4x on Energy Power Gotenks tho; his effect is awesome and you can evolve him into the green or red 5 drop.


@OP, I'm not a big fan of the Gohan evolve play.  I think Mighty Mask is a much stronger turn 2 play, netting you board removal (combo Goten) and the free 10k combo trunks, or even a Leap to the Future if you need one.  I would not run Kale, opt for Masked Saiyan instead if the expansion sets are legal in your area; otherwise, yeah Kale is good.  My personal recommendations would be:

- 4 Fully Trained Gohan, -4 Videl, -3 Raging Cabba, -1 Jiren, -2 SS3 Gotenks, -4 Cabba's Awakening


+4 Mighty Mask, +2 SS Gotenks (green),  +1 Miraculous Gohan, +4 Ability Unleashed Gohan, +3 Son Goten, Family of Justice, +2 Kale, +1 LTF Trunks, +1 LTF Goten.

If you have the expansion set available this changes alot.  Kale becomes Masked Saiyan and stuff would generally be taken out to make room for Psyched Gotenks, Prodigy Fusion Gotenks, and some more Leap to the Future cards.  And space would be made for TP Trunks.

Gotenks is tons of fun.  It was not uncommon for my fiancee to play ghost tokens on turn 2 and 3, beat me down a bit, and the finish me off by dropping the Ghost Attack SS3 Gotenks.  Senzu bean really kills you, but thats why you run the 5-drop green SS Gotenks to power past it.  Gotenks suffers greatly when controlled; I would refrain from playing Cabba until you have 5 life to use it to help you awaken.  Otherwise people will stall you at 5 life, which will really slow you down.  The expansion set gives you more tools to use the Fusion mechanic, but I really think Cell works better with this as he gets crazy draw power once awakened and can then amass the cards needed to pull this off more easily.

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Blocker in general is not a required skill.  It is good and can help you stall in certain decks, but when going full aggro it is not always necessary.  Cabba Evo is OK, but there are plenty of better plays later in the game.  Just having the one drop is usually enough.  He's a great early play for quick pressure and self awakening and late game is cheap enough to drop a couple and hit your opponent with several unexpected double strike threats.

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