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Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

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Awhile back @The Bear and @Nothing At All mentioned liking the idea of a thread or facebook group for my models. Well now both exsist. I've been having some airbrush issues, I am hoping to grt it fixed this weekend though. For now you can enjoy the model I've been working on. Just a recolored MG Gyan. 



Still working on a few parts for him. The AB has been having some issues sprayingso the copper came out.... less than desired. As well a few small spots of the the Future Floor Polish kinda bunched up and made a thickish layer, so I'll have to find a way to fix that. But his custom lance is looking amazing.



Funny enough, as of posting this that Gyan has a neg 3 rep on Imgur. Lawl.

This resin conversion is being worked on now, Gundam Mudrock. 



For fun, enjoy my other finished models. 










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Fun disclaimer, the FB page is still underconstruction. Once I make a lightbox to take better photos and get my feet wet with some image editing software to make a proper cover photo and Profile pic, It'll be active. 

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So I apperently didn't take a picture of the completed Gyan, but it is on display at the anime shop. Here is a picture after I did all the cosmetic work, but didn't have the lance painted. 



And here was our Skirmish battle. I need to paint these Feds in a matching color like I did for the Zeon guys. Gonna male em orange and white. 



For now, I'll be starting all the cosmetic on the Mudrock, sanding and putty-gluing where it needs it. While doing that I plan to kinds work on the Feds, starting with that light blue guy, GM Custom, using Tamiya paints. Hopfully thw paint works as wellfor as it seems to for everyone else.

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Not much has been done lately, but small update.  The GM Custom has been primed, tonight i am hoping to get thr base coats done on him. 



As well I bought a cheap little Gashapon figure that kinda looked like my personal avatsr I've used for a few years, and am currently using here. As well I tried to make a lightbox. Gonna make another one soon, I don't think this one takes as good of photos. 



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Been doing some work here. Hopfully gonna have him finished tonight.  I've been practicing my shading skills, as in shading for the first time.


Currently a gloss coat is sitting in him. Gonna decal and panel line then give it a matte finish. I have a Gyan Krieger snapped and I bought a display hanger and a standard GM this weekend, so expect them soon. April 7th I am going to a 4 hour build comp and I am planning to make some cool diorama stuff in advance for it. Deciding if i want to have a build unit destroyed in a lunar surface with a shield in it's chest, or if i want to go extreme and use this orange unit in it and have them shooting through the unit. Decisions..... 

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