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West Kai - The Cell that tried and died

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Well, I came I saw and I went to West Kai with Dynamic Cell. Had a few people ask for a report so I thought I would post one. Normally wouldn't do so since I didn't exactly do well, but sure why not.


Keeping things brief: 

Round 1: Mischievous Frieza (New level 1+golden level 2) -  Mario Ramirez

- Didn't know much to expect other than the hand discard and mill that I had been playing against plus the standard Frieza named card shenanigans. Turns out, I was on point. Nothing really to say, the deck was cool. He ran things like Tora ally and milled a bunch. I was honestly worried, he was chipping away at me pretty good but then for some reason he pushed himself to 3 and lost all pressure he had on me. I cleared out his allies and just made short work of the deck. Really cool concept, and if he had managed to get to / stay at 4 or just decided to stick at 2 I think he could have beaten me.

Round 2: Enlightened Awakening Gohan - Oscar Lew

- Didn't know it at the time, but this was the champion from the previous year. I knew he was going for physical beats, but for some reason it didn't quite register in my mind he would be playing leaping kick. It's so obvious now, but too little too late. My thought process was that I wanted to get Tracking blast attached ASAP so I wouldn't get ball'd down to 1. I get my tracking blast attached thanks to Cell level 2 when entering, he leaping kicks and I realize my doom. Long story short, he reaches level 3 in the first combat and continues to reply the Cell Games arc after Gohan reached SSJ2 versus Cell. I eventually make it to 3, but it's waaay too late for me to recover and I get blasted. 


Round 3: Knowledge Future Gohan - Jeff Sosa

- Of course... One of my traveling companions. Time for our first team kill. I had played against Jeff a lot and I knew I was in for a tough match that was going to need a few things to come up in my favor if I wanted any real chance to win. Unfortunately, I didn't see any of that needed luck. Few combats later, I'm level 2, He's level 3 and I have about 20 cards left in deck. All 3 unleashed and both Cell's Draining attack in deck. We enter, I finally draw into my unleashed and manage to hit level 3. Too bad by the end of that combat I only had about 8 cards left in deck. We go another round of combat and he drops me to my final 3, passes until I run out of gas. No reason to keep fighting, I can't kill him and can't heal any of that damage back. My turn, I draw out.


Round 4: Radiant Slug - Jacob Schrum

- There was a slight reporting error where I got the points from my last match. We got it corrected but was told to play the round with the current pairings. Not going to lie. Since hearing about that Radiant Slug deck that won an event not too long ago, I've been playing a bit of speed ball on the side myself and was really looking forward to this match so I didn't mind the chance to face off against Jacob's rendition. I'm a little fuzzy about how everything starts off, but we're both making pretty good headway towards our various win conditions. I'm slowly eating into his deck and he is slowly making progress with his balls. I keep him stuck between levels 1/2 so he can't get to slug 4, but still we find ourselves at this amazing moment where if I had been playing anyone but Cell I would have lost. Jacob has 5 balls out and plays down earth ball 3. One of the cards he grabs from discard is Namekian Surge. All he would have to do in normal circumstances is enter and play the attack. We both see it and reach for the GG handshake. I stop halfway through and say "and you win... If I was anyone but Cell" and sit back down. Jacob sits there for a second and sees the same thing I do. Makes the right call and passes rejuvs. My turn, I can't risk him just drawing into the ball so I enter, use my level 4 when entering to grab a "Reveal for crit" effect - hit ball 5 to shuffle another ball back into his deck setting him back 3 balls away from victory and just push for game. It was a lot of fun and was the game that made me happy I teched in my Overwhelming Powers. Without them I'm pretty sure I would have lost (Were responsible for taking out radar twice and dragon clan once, along with a few others)



Round 5: Oppressive Vegeta (Awakening) - Hector "Miguel" Gonzalez

- Was looking good. I was 2-2 but it looked like my two losses were doing well enough that I might still be able to get into top cut with a 3-2 record due to good tie breaks. All I had to do was win this one to find out. I only glanced at the name on the sheet and didn't realize I was playing Miguel otherwise I probably would have been a bit more cautious with some of my plays. I don't take Oppressive Vegeta too seriously with Cell. I have just as many tricks up my sleeve as he does, except I don't run out of gas as easily as I have found OP Vegeta to in my own testing. It starts off great, I get to 3 early on, we are trading back and forth with some great awesome endurance coming in clutch on both sides. Exactly how a fight between two saiyan decks should be. We have ourselves a good ole Unleashed/Vicious Strike/Cell level 4 bouncing game going on inside of our battle as well. Sadly for me, I end up losing this war and find myself on level 2 at full stages looking down a level 3 Vegeta. final combat and he gets in a jab I'm not worried about, follows up with a gutkick (Due to skips). I make the biggest mistake I can think of all day and don't block it with the outrage in hand. I was worried about some threats that could be in his hand, however I didn't realize that they were all used up and if I had taken my time to check discard/banished I would have known I was holding this block for a card that couldn't come. I take the attack and get dropped to 1 stage. I can no longer throw the Saiyan Burst in hand. I throw vicious strike instead. It hits, I lower myself to get my stages back. He throws final flash, I can't block it with outrage and it takes me down to 3 cards left. He uses the hit effect to lower himself to 2 and snipe a card in hand. He hits the Saiyan Burst. There goes my chance. All I had to do was either block the gutkick to have stages for the burst (Which would have rejuvinated a card, putting me at 4 left at the end of the turn and likely done lethal damage by the end of the turn) or had him snipe the block with final flash hit effect and I would have won with the damage from outburst. Either way it was a super close game and by far my favorite game of the tournament.

Final score 2-3

Final notes:

My record was pretty abysmal but I still take some solace in my losses. All three made it to top 4 (One won the tournament and another was in the top 2). So at least I lost to the best there. Great crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. 

Hope for a rematch or two at Colorado.

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You took the deck we made in the end! Awesome!

Honestly, reading through your assessment, it's really nice to know that you and the deck were able to perform and keep pace with all these titans. That said, I wouldn't take it too heavily that you made some misplays. The entire thing is a giant learning process, especially with something like Dynamic Cell, and the amount of pressure and fatigue you get from playing multiple matches in a row with as technical a deck can really start to interfere with your thought processes. Add on the reality that you had some painful losses early on, and I can very easily see how you might miss some opportunities, or guard incorrectly.

Do you know if any of these matches were recorded in the end? And how are you feeling about your potential at future Kai events?

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No, none of the matches were recorded. Jeff Sosa, the second place winner and my traveling companion for the event was going to stream but I convinced him not to do it so that he could better focus on his matches. in the end, I'm glad I did because it got him to a higher placement but I understand a bunch of people would have enjoyed seeing some games.


As for future kai events, no idea. There is another set being released between now and the next Kai event I plan on attending. Who knows what that will do and how things will shift with that release. The deck is still solid though and I have a hard time imagining a world where it would get worse. Maybe as more MPs come out that are either stronger on earlier levels so I can't use domination or have quick level up mechanics so I can't use Ki Burst. Or in the case of stacks like the new Frieza, both. 

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Yeah!  Good stuff.  I have a dynamic cell with the old stack as well and it's pretty fun.  The ability to grab the right answers from the get-go is pretty sweet.

I am very much looking forward to East Kai.  Frederick's face off will have to hold me over in the meantime on the 24th.  I have no idea what deck to play. : / I know what I'm playing for East Kai, though. :D

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