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Set 3 Leader Opinions

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I found this posted on FaceBook with all the Set 3 Spoilers

Since I am so far behind and am just getting into the groove the more I get the chance to play, I was curious on opinions on the Leaders.

Dr Myuu - Seems bad. Free card that was really cheap anyway and can't make a dent. Best thing you're going to get is some deck searching. I mean, searching isn't bad, but it doesn't feel like a good Win Con.

Pan - Pan feels to me like the Leader Red needed. She helps aggro by pushing it a stage on the turn it's played and draws cards for more offense and defensive choices. She's very brute force, but that's Red's ideology, but she also seemingly balances out Red. Stablises it.

Majin Boo - Ok, this card is amazeballs. Ok, it makes you deck out at an accelerated rate, but the draw is arguably less restrictive than Pan, but Restanding with +5? I'm getting Vanguard flashbacks here, but it's more balanced than Vanguard because of no Triggers, but look out for any cards that give effects for the duration of the turn for Buu. Abuse the shit out of this wording.

Goku - Bad. Would rather use the SSGSS Goku. Even with the ramp and awakening acceleration, SSGSS has none of the downsides.

Vegeto - Ah, yeah, seems good, but impractical and bad due to other cards. Between Barrier and Indestructable, let alone the Zamasu with both, I just don't see this happening. Enjoy the Auto, the permanent is unlikely without hand destruction like Ostracize from MTG and mixing into Red.

Android 13 - A bit too restrictive. It's not a bad skill, just too meta dependent or opponent dependent.

Bardock - Oh hey, powered by Dead Saiyans. Bandai gets it. Glares at Fan Z. Anyway, with no way I can think of to KO your Saiya-people during your turn, Bardock becomes interesting with Blockers. Block, oh hey, permanent +5 Buff for the turn. That's nifty. It's not aggressive, but the Apes and King Vegeta are for that.

Kid Goku - Free Bulmas? all of which replace themselves in your hand? Cool. TAP DOWN AND LOCK DOWN? WEW LAD. I thought Bardock sounded neat, but Goku my lad, you're right up there in my Blue MTG/Light Duel Masters heart.

Mira - Arguably strictly superior to Vegeta. :/ We go from Self Destructive Vegeta to Too Restrictive Android 13 to Too Easy Mira. It's not Power Creep, because it needs cards multiple cards in tandem, but it makes me a tad uneasy. Yes, it self mills 3 a turn, so total 4, but it feels like it gets to a point where it doesn't have to soon enough. I could see this being top tier.

Trunks - It's alright. Fueling it means it needs to be timed well or wasted, even with 2 fuel a turn. I think it's good, but not as good as Mira.

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in a vacuum they all seem interesting but inelegant.  With some look at the cards in set a couple stand out:

Green Vegito - Bad.  Yes Green has a great destruction engine, but you get choked by a single indestructible, possibly Barrier (though I doubt Barrier will protect against cards unless they SPECIFICALLY say "choose", so there are plenty of green outs there, Kale chief among them).

Blue Goku - with the power of new Goku cards, particularly UI Goku, this guy can be nuts.  Personally I think Mecha Frieza engine is better with Objection/Monaka, but this guy will see a lot of play.

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That Blue Goku actually seems fairly strong to me as a hyper-aggressive unit. That said, you may be right that he'd lose out to the classic SSBSS Goku. After you get your rush done, all SS3 Goku really seems to offer is a recharge in energy. But without some serious hand generation, which SSBSS would also have access to, I'm pretty sure he'd long-term get curved out of a win.

Dr. Myuu seems kind of neat. I'm kind of slack to go through all the cards to find all the Machine Mutants, but I could see there being some serious power there in the ability to pull out free cards. Board advantage is pretty worthwhile. Long-term, and after some building, I think he has got intense potential. Right now? He's probably going to be slept on.

A13 is the most meh-invoking thing I've seen in awhile. SS2 Gohan was a lot more disappointing, don't get me wrong, but I don't think A13 is necessarily disappointing as he is just underwhelming as fuck.
Bardock is in the same boat, but I like that he's got some early hand generation in the same vein as S1 Gohan, but his overall usefulness is underwhelming for such a prominent figure.

Hell YES to Trunks. That's a Leader that might actually pull me into playing this game on a regular basis. He himself isn't so fantastic outside of enabling warp plays, honestly, but I really wanted a decent Gohan or Trunks to get behind and really learn. I'm a bit sad that Mira is just undeniably a better Leader who performs to much the same capacity and deck-types, and honestly, I'll probably end up playing Mira long-term, but a good Trunks is a good Trunks is a good Trunks. I'm all in.

Son Goku: Childhood is a fun one. I like the deck search into a deck search you can pull with some Bulma plays, not to mention just general interference.

Looking at not-leaders, there are a lot of really interesting staples in here. Terror Scythe Goku Black is one I could see being played in a LOT of Green decks just for the field generation and extra combo power. Honestly, I wonder if you could build competitive decks from just this set, but I'm very, very doubtful.

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