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Adept Drawku

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Hey guys, this was a deck I came across on OCTGN a little over a year ago. It was pretty much unstoppable. It's a shame it never got its chance in a tourney because I am pretty sure it would have gone very far. Anyways the guy piloting it hadn't lost with it (tobye), and I had a fairly high win rate with it since. I have updated the list (and probably made it worse) with the current cards available and I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Orange Adept Mastery

Drawku (1-4)


Planning (11)

1 Namek Dragon Ball 4

1 Orange Checkup Drill

1 Orange Devouring Drill

1 Orange Conference Drill

1 Orange Joint Restraint Drill

1 Orange Freezing Drill

1 Orange Possession Drill

1 Orange Steady Drill

1 Orange Burning Aura Drill

2 Orange Dressing Room 


Events (15)

2 Heroic Energy Sphere

2 Confrontation

2 Goku's Kaio-ken

3 Unleashed

1 Time is a Warrior's Tool

3 Orange Juke

1 Orange Meditation

1 Orange Dodge


Energy (7)

2 Orange Flee

2 Orange Stare Down

1 Orange Energized Push

1 Orange Bicycle Kick

1 Quick Blast


Physical (27)

3 Orange Defense

1 Orange Charged Kick

1 Orange Hug

2 Orange Left Punch

2 Orange Uppercut

2 Orange Lasso

3 Orange Extenstion

3 Orange Collision

3 Orange Knee Strike 

3 Orange Sword Chop

2 I'll Dig Your Grave!

2 Devastating Blow


And thats it! Honorable mentions go to Orange Swerve+Orange Leaping Punch, Orange Distracting Drill, Orange Devastation Drill, and Namek Dragon Ball 2. This deck is absurdly powerful: it might have the most actions in the game. Goku has plenty of options to get to lv4 and once he is there he can just tutor whatever control/combo piece he needs to chain a killer combat. 

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