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2 hours ago, Vile said:

I don't really think their reasoning is ridiculous. Game needs to be fun and they want new archetypes explored(to sell product) as well as be welcome to new players(again to sell product), then we top it off with to not be backed in a corner when designing product(to sell!) As well as to not back players in a corner when designing decks. 


It's just a smart business move for them.

No that I absolutely agree with. Them trying to downplay its effectiveness in their reasoning is what irks me.

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Should have just banned it and be done with it.  The fear of banning one or two cards for the good of the game in favor of errata which just confuses new players who don't know the errata is beyond me.  Same with Unleashed in PanZ.  They tried an errata, it did next to nothing.  The card destroyed the design of the game and continues to do so into FanZ.  Mistakes happen, stop trying to Band-Aid the boo boo and just make the sacrifice for the good of the game.

Sweep the leg, Johnny.

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