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Box of set 3. What to do

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So my local scene is suppose to be starting up? Right? Well I pick up my set 3 box that was a bit over priced 115.00 usd, to support my store. Well, right after I buy it I ask when constructed events are going to start.  Never. I was told being the one, mind you ONE, time they hosted a SEALED EVENT, people didn't wsnt to pay a 40 entry to try a game. So rather than do constructed and let people try things, it's been shelved. 


And my only friends who were .... i guess playing, said they dropped the game. 


So do i open this box and try to off the contents to maybe break even? Try and sell the box for the usual 75? I'll also be offing my decks with the promos I bought and never had a chance to play. Rip promp 17. 

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Sorry to hear that. A terrible predicament.

For some reason this set is worthless. Are a majority of the SRs THAT bad or has the game become too fast for the high cost characters? Only low costers like Caulifla, Kid Goku, and Pan are worth more than a pack. Ultra Instinct Goku as well but I think that has more to do with him being "new" and "wow".

Only pulling the SCR SS4 Goku will get you towards breaking even on 115. Otherwise you're going to lose A LOT of money. Even at 75, unless you pull Shugesh foil and/or any SPR except Fu you'll lose money as no combination of SRs alone will help you break even. Your other option is to gamble on the eight foils being a combination of all the money cards but that's super unlikely as well.

Getting screwed on the dash packs really doesn't help because Cabba and/or Vegeta have some value.

Too late now but could you not have told the guy you only bought the box thinking there would be events and try returning it? It'd be low of him not to but then again, no dash packs...

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SPR Fu, UI Goku, and 2 foils worth a damn. I'm just gonna off all my decks and hope i make up for this set cost. After this, panz, and heroclix I will not ever getinto another collectable game again.

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