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Hey guys,

getting back into this, and wanted to know what cardstock you guys use to print off the fanz images. Dying to play them but, I’m a slave to having the feel of an actual card. Also when you print just on paper and sleeve the cards does the paper get ruined through shuffling and normal use?


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On 3/26/2018 at 9:24 AM, sh0ryu_repp4 said:

I just get them printed on the heaviest card stock at Office Depot, it feels close enough (for me anyway) to an actual card. I also haven't had problems with the paper after shuffling.

Do you have to have a special printer for card stock or can you print on it at Office Depot? Have you tried anything with foil card stock? Where is the best place to get the images from to print? What is the best way to cut them out, just go at them with scissors or something else? Sorry for all the questions...

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