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Blue Green Goku

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Hey guys, so I wanted to run my decklist by you guys and see what sort of improvements can be made!  So far it seems to be running pretty well, and so far I’ve beaten some good decks like Masked Saiyan, Red Pan, Dr.Myuu, Vegito, etc.  

The deck is basically my original deck I used to run with Soul Striker Goku, except I made some changes in order to keep up with the rest of the meta.  All advice welcome!


Leader: Son Goku//Heightened Evolution Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku


Energy Boosted Majin Buu x4


Bulma, Supporter of the Future x3


Boost Attack Piccolo x4


Bundle of Curiosity, Son Goku x4


Courageous Heart, Yajirobe x2


Martial Expert Tien Shinhan x4


Raging Spirit Son Gohan x3


Light of Hope, Trunks x2


Energy Boost Beerus x4


Hidden Awakening Kale x4


Full Power Trunks x2


Super Saiyan Gotenks x4


Senzu Bean x4


Whis’s Coercion x4


Mafuba x2



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Id say scrap the trunks and bulma engine for the veggie engine. I know ss3 veggies are a big threat now, and you always want to max out on the combo to field card of that color leader so id add another gohan. I would also take out tien for 2 more yarjirobes and maybe mafuba or durthering destruction champa for double strike pressure. When i made my ss3 goku he was strictly blue vegitto engine and it ran well but i tore it apart for an actual vegitto deck. So theyres you some ideas to throw around with. Hope it helps.

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