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Hey guys! :)


I wanted to share you this awesome trading card game called Megacorp. It is based on a futuristic cyberpunk theme where corporations replace governments and you, as a player, assumes the role of a business owner in a never changing landscape of money, power, and corruption!

This card game is also very intriguing because of its concept and in order to win, you could either destroy your opponent's business or buy their businesses off. You could even win if they run out of money at the end of each other's turn (bankrupt) if you play it strategically. Think of it as business rivalries in the real-life world.

There are also three different factions in Megacorp in which they follow different ideologies.



Corps are cybernetic-enhanced people with nanoblood cells on their bodies that transcends them into cyborg-like appearances and their life lies in their stock market shares. Essentially, corps are just like mercenaries who work for money and they get access to the latest technologies in courtesy of their enterprises. To put simply, they are people who rely on technology too much. The majority of the citizens in Gaia are Corps, that's why you can see many people flying the corp banner.


Incarnates are people who have genetically-mutated bodies. Where the corp uses nano-technology to improve the human condition, the Incarnates follow a different path to human enhancement. They rely purely on genetic engineering instead of using nanoblood cells. The Incarnates are at the same time more vulnerable and far more terrifying than the Corp. They can shape-shift into a different creature based on their bloodlines. We have Anubians who are people with canine DNA bloodline on their bodies that furthers enhanced their senses and even their whole body into a dog-like creature. There are Gallians who are people with feline DNA bloodline on their bodies that enables them to gain cat-like powers. There are various bloodlines found within the Incarnates and some of them can look beautiful while others can be terrifying. The genes of trees, cats, dogs, and other species all found their way into the Incarnate bloodlines.

Gnosts are a race of unmodified, base humans well known for their psionic abilities. They also possess a strange cell that is exclusively for the Gnosts which is called the "Magellan cells" which enhances their psionic powers. They also have a doctrine of laws and almost all members of the Gnost subscribes to their faith called the Deapathic faith, a way of life. Some of the other factions treat Gnosts as just a minority, but don't be fooled by their humbled self for their Magellan cells can turn their abilities into otherworldly hostilities! 

Here's the link for more details: https//www.megacorptcg.com/

We also have an RPG version that was created by Mark G. Koh, the founder of Megacorp TCG. It features an original and especially developed lightweight rule system. 

Create your character by setting up his/her genetics, social, career, and education to make a living, breathing character and test your judgment on these unforgiving scenarios of money, power, and corruption.

As in the card game, all challenges are based on 4 traits ( IQ, EQ, MQ, and BQ), which function both as attribute and health. Instead of using skills or levels, everything is based on competencies and special abilities that are granted by race. Becoming better at something is a matter of succeeding in challenges, but only if they are just hard enough. If that wasn't enough, we've created a combat system that enables all actions to take place at the same time, which adds a whole new dimension to combat encounters.

Be thoughtful and work as a team to finish the story and use your logic to any critical situations that could affect the whole plot of your journey.

Find out more information on how to play Megacorp RPG on this link http://megacorprpg.com and get to know more details about the story.

We also provide an introduction to the enterprise RPG system as a quick start guide: http://www.megacorptcg.com/enterprise-rpg/

Let us know what you think? :)


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Hmm, the corporate dystopia genre has been kind of done to death.  The game seems unique and has a lot of interesting elements, but overall seems overly complicated.  While I kind of like the system of being able to "buy" the opponent's cards by giving them resources during the game, the constant changing of card control is avoided in most TCGs for good reason.  I could see several instances of cards walking away during large events.  The art on the cards is nice, but rather generic.

overall I'm glad to see some innovation in gameplay, but this seems like too much all at once.  It reminds me of the old Babylon 5 game.  Enough to draw a small niche crowd, but really too complicated for the general crowd to buy into.

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5 hours ago, Stryyder said:

overall I'm glad to see some innovation in gameplay, but this seems like too much all at once.  It reminds me of the old Babylon 5 game.  Enough to draw a small niche crowd, but really too complicated for the general crowd to buy into.

I had the same problems with the X-Files card game. I really loved the aspect of playing "Clue" in a TCG with the X-Files theme and mechanics but it wasn't something for everyone. You essentially played detective, gathering witnesses and clues and putting teams together to win opportunities to ask your opponent a question about the Mystery they were hiding until you narrowed it down and could expose the Mystery. Wasn't intuitive for people use to playing Magic and most didn't want to play more than one or two games. 

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