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Looking for a Kid Buu Saga Insert & YYH TCG!

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I am a very long time collector of the YYH TCG. I have been collecting for at least a decade I think now. My collection has come a very long way since I first started, and I own a 1st Edition Foil copy of every card in the game (including alternate foils....I hate you Gateway). However, I am always looking for more. Anyway, onto the list.

So, I figure I won't get much here in terms of Yu Yu Hakusho TCG, but I think I can get the following insert card from here since it was in DBZ packs:

[3] Any Last Requests? (DBZ Buu Saga YYH TCG Promotion Insert)

I am interested in 3 near-mint or mint copies of the above card. Since it's just an insert card, I'm not willing to drop a lot on it (like, $1 per copy), but yeah.


***I am strongly interested in 1/e Foils from Gateway, Exile, Betrayal, and Alliance. Send me a list of what you have and I'll let you know what I want from it as the list is very...large***
On top of that, I am interested in:

[2] G0 The Dark One (unsigned only)


I'm also interested in some UNLIMITED FOIL Yu Yu Hakusho TCG cards. They are as follows:

Gateway (21):
G1 Bull's-Eye (Lined)
G1 Bull's-Eye (Cloudy)
U11 Doushi, Raizen's Messenger (Jagged)
R38 Genkai, Resurrected (Jagged)
R39 Koenma, Disguised Leader (Cloudy)
R39 Koenma, Disguised Leader (Jagged)
C99 Sensui, Kazuya's Personality (Jagged)
R126/176 Spirit Cuffs (Jagged)

Double Rainbow:
X0 Kuwabara, Noble Champion
R31 Sensui's Energy Sphere
R33 Botan, Pilot Of The River Styx
C55 Hiei's Peaceful Stance
C56 Huh???
C67 Taking Aim
C75 Jorge Satome, Blue Ogre
C81 M2, Ryo
C83 Mitamura, The Master
C101 Sinister Slash
C103 Discharge
C107 Liquid Guardian
C109 Palm Block

Exile (1):
C113 Spirit Absorption

Betrayal (13):
R23 Hiei, Mukuro's General
R27 Kurama, Calm Cruelty
R28 Raizen, Bloodthirsty Pacifist
R32 All For One And One For All
R35 Icy Glare
R45 Tornado Fists
C48 Earth Shinobi, Shrouded Leader
C59 Mukuro, Tortured Sovereign
C62 Risho, Earthen Master
C71 Yoko, Systematic Larcenist
C101 Switchblade
C108 Demon Spiral
C110 Demonic Kremastos

Alliance (47):
R24 Miyuki, Of The Triad
R25 Touya, Resourceful Shinobi
R26 Yukina, Ice Apparition
R27 Yusuke, Human World's Hero
R29 Chant Of Recollection
R31 Excitement
R36 Interrogation
R38 Quick Freeze
R39 Regression
R40 Resurrection
R42 The Game Is Afoot!
C48 Genkai, Wise Master
C50 Hiei, Fearless Hero
C51 Jin, Carefree Spirit
C52 Jorge, The Narrator
C57 Kurama, The Uniting
C58 Kuwabara, Honorable Hero
C60 Natsume, The Fearless
C62 Rinku, Acrobatic Fighter
C64 Shu
C65 Souketsu
C67 Tetsuzam
C68 Younger Toguro, Soul Taker
C70 Ambush
C72 Extortion
C73 Force Field
C74 Gale Force
C76 Morbid Beauty
C78 Recruit
C79 Shrouded Evil
C86 Vulnerable
C87 Armor Of Containment
C90 Double-Bladed Knives
C91 Event Ticket
C94 Manacles
C95 Mask Of Restriction
C96 Molotov Cocktail
C97 Paintbrush
C103 Tombstone
C104 Yellow Seal
C107 Finger Extension
C109 Left Pivot Kick
C110 Murota's Territory
C117 Sword Extension
C118 Thumb Block
C120 Twin Energy Punch
C121 Two-Fingered Poke







And my HAVES:

x1 TP2 Meditation (9.5/10)
x1 P4 Peek! (9.5/10)

Ghost Files:
x2 Demo Deck with Playmat

x1 ST6/176 Chu
x1 ST9/176 Yusuke
x1 ST38/176 Elder Toguro
x1 ST39/176 Hiei
x2 ST40/176 Karasu
x1 ST41/176 Kurama
x1 ST42/176 Kuwabara
x2 ST46/176 Rinku
x2 ST47/176 Roto
x1 ST48/176 Zeru
x3 ST95/176 Botan's Healing (x1 1/e)
x6 ST98/176 Good Ref
x1 ST101/176 No Mercy (1/e)
x1 ST134/176 Rose Whip
x1 ST136/176 Serpent Yo-Yos
x1 ST173/176 Spirit Sword Monster Beast Donut

x3 U10/176 Chu, the Team Captain (x1 1/e)
x2 U11/176 Suzaku, Makai Master (x1 1/e)
x4 S49/176 Genkai, the Young (x1 1/e)
x1 S50/176 Shishi Wakamaru, Soul Stealer (1/e)
x8 S51/176 Touya, the Ice Master (x2 1/e)
x6 S104/176 Busted (x2 1/e)
x9 S105/176 Kayko's Promise (x2 1/e)
x5 S106/176 Party Time (x1 1/e)
x9 S107/176 The Genkai Bunch (x3 1/e)
x4 U108/176 Demonic Tricks (x1 1/e)
x2 U109/176 Double Teaming (x1 1/e)
x2 U110/176 Power Strike (x1 1/e)
x5 U111/176 Recuperation (x2 1/e)
x3 U112/176 Substitute
x8 S138/176 Armor of Clay
x3 S139/176 School Girl Outfit
x3 U140/176 Banshee Shriek
x1 U141/176 Ogre Killer
x9 S174/176 Dragon of the Darkness Flame (x2 1/e)
x3 U175/176 Death Plant
x2 U176/176 Sword of the Darkness Flame
x1 G177/176 Younger Toguro, Latent Warrior
x3 G180/176 I'm Callin' You Out! (x2 1/e)

x1 TC9/22 Unconscious (non-foil)
x3 TR16/22 Lost

Dark Tournament:
x1 TP1 Gotcha!
x1 P3 Power Strike
x1 R1 Burst of Power

x1 L7 Yusuke, Recourceful Apprentice (bend)

x1 G1 Wind Shinobi (1/e) (Black Background)
x1 G1 Wind Shinobi (White Background)
x1 G2 Yoko, the Spirit Fox
x1 G3 Together Until the End of Time (1/e)
x1 G4 Forlorn Hope
x3 U5 Hiei, the Stern (x1 1/e)
x2 U6 Yukina, Ice Princess
x1 U8 King Yama's Wrath (1/e)
x1 U9 The Dark Angel's Presence (1/e)
x1 U10 Botan's Tool Box (1/e)
x2 U11 Spiked Club
x1 U12 Chu, Drunken Master (1/e)
x2 U13 Dr. Ichigaki, the Demon
x1 U14 Genkai, the Mentor (1/e)
x2 U15 Koenma, Disguised
x1 U16 Onji, the Experienced Fighter
x1 U17 Earth Shinobi
x2 U18 Suzaku, the Fierce
x1 U19 Younger Toguro, Transformed (1/e)
x2 U20 Yusuke, the Student
x3 U21 Yusuke, Unleashed
x1 U22 Zeru, the Phoenix

x1 R24 Genbu, Master of Stone (Foil)
x1 R25 Ancient Tactics (Foil)
x1 R26 Calling the Spirits (Foil)
x1 R34 Cape of No Return (Foil)
x1 R39 Inter-Dimensional Breach (Foil)
x1 R40 Megiru Seal (Foil)
x1 R43 Desperate Assault (Foil)
x2 R44 Rainbow Cyclone (Foil)
x1 R45 Yuu Kaitou's Territory (Foil)
x2 C46 Asato Kido (Foil)
x1 C47 Bui, Tormented Soul (Foil)
x2 C53 Momotaro (Foil)
x2 C54 Kuwabara, Yukina's Champion (Foil)
x2 C55 M1, Blade Master (Foil)
x2 C56 M2, Javelin Master (Foil)
x2 C57 Makintaro (x1 1/e Foil, x1 Foil)
x3 C58 Mitsunari Yanagisawa, the Copy Master (x1 1/e Foil)
x2 C72 Defiant Stance (Foil)
x1 C74 Determination (Foil)
x1 C77 Face of Death (Foil)
x3 C79 Fighter in Training (x1 1/e Foil, x2 Foil)
x1 C80 Freak Show (1/e Foil)
x1 C83 Outnumbered (Foil)
x1 C88 Showdown (Foil)
x1 C90 Surprise! (Foil)
x2 C92 X-Treme Defense (Foil)
x1 C94 Zenith of Fear (Foil)
x1 C95 A Safe Place (Foil)
x1 C98 Key (Foil)
x1 C99 Koenma's Gavel (Foil)
x1 C100 Microphone (Foil)
x1 C101 Mystic Whistle (Foil)
x2 C103 Sun Glasses (x1 1/e Foil, x1 Foil)
x3 C105 Villainous Talons (x1 1/e Foil)
x3 C108 Chorus of a Thousand Skulls (x1 1/e Foil)
x1 C115 One, Two Setup (Foil)
x1 C120 Spirit Shield (Foil)
x2 C121 Spirit Sphere (Foil)

x1 TU2 Epic Showdown
x1 TU3 I'm Calling You Out!
x1 TS6 Flee The Arena
x1 TR7 Genkai, Young Fighter
x1 TR8 Display Of Power
x1 TR9 Persevere
x1 TR10 Precise Evasion
x1 TR12 Acid Blast
x1 TC13 Koto, The Experienced
x1 TC14 Confrontation
x1 TC15 Dark Power
x1 TC16 Heroic Stand
x1 TC17 Hiei's Essence
x2 TC18 Broom Stick
x1 TC19 Souls
x1 TC20 Watch
x1 TC22 Double Barrel Blast
x1 TC23 Tornado Fist Double

x98 common/rare non-foils (mix of 1/e and Unlimited)
x3 Pack Insert 2 - Your Turn

x1 P2 Crazy World (SR)
x1 P3 Head-On Assault (SR)
x2 X0 Kuwabara, Noble Champion (x2 1/e DR)
x1 L9 Tag Team (SR)

x2 G2 Darkness Approaches (x1 Lined, x1 Jagged)
x1 G4 Sinning Tree (Jagged)
x3 G5 Apocalypse (x2 Lined, x1 Jagged)
x2 U6 Bang! (x1 Cloudy, x1 Jagged)
x4 U7 Gateway (x2 Lined, x1 Cloudy, x1 Jagged)
x5 U9 Surprised? (x4 Cloudy, x1 Jagged)
x1 U10 Sayaka, the Investigator (Lined)
x1 U11 Doushi, Raizen's Messenger (Lined)
x4 S12 Big Brother (x3 Lined, x1 Jagged)
x3 S14 Contemplate (x1 Cloudy, x1 1/e Jagged, x1 Jagged)
x1 S15 Dark Ritual (1/e Jagged)
x2 S16 Distractions (x1 Lined, x1 Jagged)
x3 S17 Double Block (x1 1/e Lined, x1 1/e Jagged, x1 Jagged)
x4 S18 Sorrow (x1 Lined, x1 Cloudy, x1 1/e Jagged, x1 Jagged)
x3 S19 Torture (x1 Lined, x1 Cloudy, x1 1/e Jagged)
x3 S20 What Friends Are For (x1 Lined, x1 1/e Cloudy, x1 Cloudy)
x2 S21 Decoy (x1 Lined, x1 Cloudy)
x1 S22 Koenma's Pacifier (Jagged)

x1 R38 Genkai, Resurrected (Lined)
x1 R39 Koenma, Disguised Leader (Lined)
x2 R40 Yusuke, Entranced (x2 Lined)
x2 C119 Kuwabara, Righteous Warrior (x2 Lined)

x3 R33/176 Jin (x3 Lined)
x2 C82/176 Time Out (x2 Jagged)
x1 R86/176 Kitty Love (Cloudy)
x1 R90/176 Rash Brawling (Lined)
x1 C113/176 Backyard Dummy (Lined)
x2 C117/176 Demon Compass (x1 Lined, x1 Jagged)
x2 R121/176 Trace-Eyes (x2 Jagged)
x2 R126/176 Spirit Cuffs (x2 Lined)
x1 TC9/22 Unconsious (Lined)

x1 Join A League (Cloudy)

x1 Common/Rare Foil 1/e 98% Set (includes 1/e's of: R38 Genkai (Lined), R39 Koenma (Lined), (missing R40), R41 Sensui (Lined), (missing C97), C98 Kuwabara (Cloudy+Jagged), C99 Sensui (Lined), C119 Kuwabara (Lined+Cloudy))

x1 C63 Panic! (1/e DR, damaged)

x1 C48 Dark Encounter (Unlim DR)
x1 C49 Dark Gambit (Unlim DR)
x1 C58 Invasion (Unlim DR)
x3 C64 Sinister Trap (Unlim DR)
x1 C69 The Arrival (Unlim DR)
x2 C89 Deadly Dice (Unlim DR)
x1 C110 Tiny Guardian (Unlim DR)
x2 C118 Mitarai, Misguided (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Ichigaki (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Koenma (Unlim DR)
x3 Team Masho (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Rokuyukai (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Sarayashiki (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Urameshi (Unlim DR)
x1 Team Uraotogi (Unlim DR)

x1 R23 Champion Driver (Unlim SR)
x1 R25 Heroic Sacrifice (Unlim SR)
x1 R26 Madness (Unlim SR)
x1 R27 Malice (Unlim SR)
x1 R28 Metamorphose (Unlim SR)
x1 R30 Morbid (Unlim SR)
x1 R31 Sensui's Energy Sphere (Unlim SR)
x2 R34 Younger Itsuki, Detective's Assistant (Unlim SR)
x3 R35 Hostage (Unlim SR)
x1 R36 Rubber Slam (Unlim SR)
x1 R42 Spirit Tornado (Unlim SR)
x1 R43 M4, Spineless Demon (Unlim SR)
x3 R45 Imposing Evil (Unlim SR)
x2 C46 Abduction (Unlim SR)
x2 C48 Dark Encounter (Unlim SR)
x2 C49 Dark Gambit (Unlim SR)
x1 C50 Dazed And Confused (Unlim SR)
x2 C52 Genkai's Healing (Unlim SR)
x2 C53 Going To Megallica (Unlim SR)
x2 C56 Huh??? (Unlim SR)
x1 C57 Intensive Discipline (Unlim SR)
x1 C58 Invasion (Unlim SR)
x1 C59 Kurama's Determination (Unlim SR)
x1 C60 Liquid Drill (Unlim SR)
x1 C62 Malevolent Glare (Unlim SR)
x1 C64 Panic! (Unlim SR)
x2 C64 Sinister Trap (Unlim SR)
x1 C65 Smoke Screen Catalyst (Unlim SR)
x1 C67 Taking Aim (Unlim SR)
x1 C72 Ayame, Koenma's Assistant (Unlim SR)
x1 C73 Botan, Wise Scholar? (Unlim SR)
x2 C74 Hiei, Enraged Demon (x1 1/e, x1 Unlim SR)
x2 C75 Jorge Satome, Blue Ogre (Unlim SR)
x2 C76 Kenko, Cute Healer (Unlim SR)
x1 C77 King Yama (Unlim SR)
x1 C78 Koenma, the Determined (Unlim SR)
x1 C80 Kurama, Entrapped Demon (Unlim SR)
x1 C83 Mitamura, The Master (Unlim SR)
x1 C85 Sasuga, Enchantress (Unlim SR)
x1 C87 Butterfly Knife (Unlim SR)
x1 C89 Deadly Dice (Unlim SR)
x3 C90 Framed Memories (x1 1/e SR, x2 Unlim SR)
x2 C91 Kazuya's Pistol (x1 1/e SR, x1 Unlim SR)
x1 C92 Koenma's Cloud (Unlim SR)
x1 C95 Weapon Of Destruction (Unlim SR)
x1 C102 Devastating Combination (Unlim SR)
x1 C104 Hagiri's Territory (Unlim SR)
x1 C105 Heroic Strike (Unlim SR)
x2 C106 Kamiya's Territory (x1 1/e SR, x1 Unlim SR)
x2 C107 Liquid Guardian (Unlim SR)
x1 C108 Mafuuken (Unlim SR)
x2 C109 Palm Block (Unlim SR)
x2 C110 Tiny Guardian (Unlim SR)
x1 C111 Amanuma, The Gamer (Unlim SR)
x1 C113 Gatasubal, Killing Machine (Unlim SR)
x1 C114 Hagiri, the Sniper
x1 C117 Makihara, Gourmet (Unlim SR)
x1 C118 Mitarai, Misguided (Unlim SR)
x2 C120 Aggression (Unlim SR)
x1 C121 Humans on the Hunt (Unlim SR)

x4 Team Genkai (Unlim SR)
x3 Team Ichigaki (Unlim SR)
x3 Team Koenma (Unlim SR)
x4 Team Masho (Unlim SR)
x3 Team Rokuyukai (Unlim SR)
x3 Team Sarayashki (Unlim SR)
x3 Team Sensui (x1 1/e SR, x2 Unlim SR)
x4 Team St. Beasts (x1 1/e SR, x3 Unlim SR)
x9 Team Toguro (x1 1/e SR, x8 Unlim SR)
x5 Team Urameshi (Unlim SR)
x4 Team Uraotogi (x1 1/e SR, x3 Unlim SR)

x3 1/e common/rare non-foil sets
xX many 1/e common/rare non-foils
x79 Unlimited common/rare non-foils

x1 TS4 Concealed Blade (Lined)
x1 TR8 Mini Game, Flight Shooter (DR)
x1 TR9 Mini Game, Master Quiz (DR)
x3 TC13 Allure (Jagged)
x1 TC17 Virus Carriers (Jagged)
x1 TC20 Tough Love (Jagged)
x1 TC23 Kamiya, The Doctor (Jagged)

x3 P5 Coalition
x1 L2 Remembrance
x4 L4 Hiei, Arrogant Demon
x1 L5 Koenma, Loyal Friend
x1 L7 Kuwabara, Old Rival
x1 L8 Mr. Ukimura, Friendly Chef

x1 G1 Horrified
x2 G3 Meow
x1 G4 Yusuke, The Raver (Top Left)
x1 G5 Powerful Demons
x1 G6 Regeneration
x1 G8 Yusuke's Altar
x1 G10 Yusuke, The Raver (Top Right)
x1 U11 All You Need Is The Ground
x1 U12 Flee
x1 U13 Gloom
x1 U14 Grand Entrance
x1 U16 Unknown Allies
x1 U18 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Bottom Left)
x1 U19 Mukuro, Enslaved Soul (Bottom Right)
x1 U20 Yusuke, The Raver (Bottom Left)
x2 U21 Yusuke, The Raver (Bottom Right) (x1 1/e)
x2 U22 Hasty Slash
x1 U24 Spirit Dragon
x1 S25 Angelic Embrace
x1 S26 Awaken
x2 S28 Bui's Final Strike
x1 S29 Carnage
x1 S31 Congregate
x1 S32 Crucial Encounter
x1 S34 Demonic Presence
x1 S35 Destructive Lust
x1 S36 Intensive Training
x1 S37 Intimidate
x1 S38 Later
x1 S39 Malevolent Influence
x1 S40 Mukuro's Unforgiving Glare
x2 S41 Perfect Timing (x1 1/e)
x1 S42 Rose Petal Shower
x1 S43 Spirit Force Emerges
x1 S44 Spirit Force Starter
x1 S45 Time Freeze!
x1 S46 Yusuke's Alliance (1/e)

x1 C118 Uncontrollable Power (1/e Foil)

x1 R50 Kiss of Legend (Unlim Foil)
x1 C74 Abide (Unlim Foil)
x1 C81 Demon Unleashed (Unlim Foil)
x1 C84 Denied (Unlim Foil)
x1 C95 Insect Invasion (Unlim Foil)
x1 C99 Kuwabara's Emotional Slash (Unlim Foil)
x1 C105 Misguided Bandits (Unlim Foil)
x1 C109 Nausea (Unlim Foil)
x1 C118 Uncontrollable Power (Unlim Foil)
x1 C119 Unity (Unlim Foil)
x1 C120 Very Bizarre! (Unlim Foil)
x1 C121 Wicked Influence (Unlim Foil)
x1 C124 Kurama, Prepared Demon (Unlim Foil)
x1 C132 Younger Toguro, Tormented Sensei (Unlim Foil)
x1 C133 Yukina, Happy Girl (Unlim Foil)
x1 C134 Yusuke, Young Punk (Unlim Foil)
x1 C140 Nekomata, Fierce Tiger (Unlim Foil)
x1 C142 Hiei, Charming Goth (Unlim Foil)
x1 C154 Improvised Attack (Unlim Foil)
x1 C155 Improvised Defense (Unlim Foil)
x1 C160 Hitmasubushi, Evil Spirit (Unlim Foil)
x1 C162 Kirin, Loyal Sentinal (Unlim Foil)
x1 C167 Shouteki, Green Demon (Unlim Foil)

Ask about common/rare non-foils

x1 TU3 Rejected!
x1 TS5 Dragon's Victory
x1 TS6 Purgatory
x1 TR8 Awestruck
x1 TR9 Chaos
x1 TR10 Consumed
x1 TR11 Remember Us?
x1 TR12 Kurama, Loving Friend
x1 TC13 Resurgence Of Power
x1 TC14 Game Machine
x1 TC15 Rose Petals
x1 TC16 Shackles
x1 TC17 Kuroko, Former Spirit Detective
x1 TC18 Double Finger Block
x1 TC19 Scatter Shot
x1 TC20 Spirit Flare
x1 TC21 Byakko, Feline Warrior

x1 P2 Point Blank
x1 P4 Sanctuary
x1 TP4 Hajime!

x1 G2 Acceptable Losses
x1 U5 Yomi, Sightless God (Top Left)
x1 U7 Puu (1/e)
x1 U10 Reincarnation
x1 S12 Roto, Malicious Shape-Shifter
x1 S13 Yusuke, Ma-Zoku (1/e)
x1 S15 Destined Greatness
x1 S17 Haunted By The Past
x1 S18 Insatiable
x1 S19 Life Energy Transfer
x1 S20 Stern Teachings
x1 S21 Body Armor
x1 S22 Joker

x1 C76 Defiance of Authority (1/e Foil)
x1 C106 Bone Scythe (1/e Foil)

x1 C56 Kiyoshi Mitarai (Unlim Foil)
x1 C57 Komada (Unlim Foil)
x1 C69 Touou (Unlim Foil)
x1 C83 Imprisonment (Unlim Foil)
x1 C84 Overextend (Unlim Foil)
x1 C94 Taunt (Unlim Foil)
x1 C106 Bone Scythe (Unlim Foil)
x1 C113 Handstand Kick (Unlim Foil)
x1 C115 Identity Theft (Unlim Foil)
x1 C120 Tactical Advantage (Unlim Foil)
x1 C121 Tornado Attack (Unlim Foil)

x2 Team Kuroko (x1 1/e, x1 Unlim)
x2 Team Mukuro (x1 1/e, x1 Unlim)
x3 Team Raizen (x1 1/e, x2 Unlim)
x1 Team Yomi (Unlim)
x2 Spirit Defense Force (x1 1/e, x1 Unlim)

Ask about common/rare non-foils

x1 TU2 Twilight
x1 TU3 Gaming System
x1 TS4 Jin, The Wind Master
x1 TS5 Soul Exchange
x2 TR7 Koto, The MC
x1 TR8 Youda, Veteran Advisor
x1 TR12 Yukina's Gift
x1 TC13 Atsuko, Inebriated Matron
x2 TC14 Hokushin, Paranormal Taoist
x1 TC15 Miyamoto
x2 TC16 Nankai
x3 TC17 . . . . .
x2 TC18 Exterminate
x2 TC19 Final Sacrifice
x2 TC20 The Past Resolved
x1 TC21 Demonic Inhibitor
x1 TC22 Double Bladed Axe
x1 TC23 Spirit Blast

x1 G2 No!
x1 U8 The Legacy of One
x1 U9 Winner!
x1 U10 Game Cartridge (1/e)
x1 U11 Sensui's TV
x1 S13 Murugu, the Cunning (1/e)
x1 S14 Raizen, Thunder God (Lower Right)
x1 S16 Yomi, the Reformed
x1 S20 Kaitou's Rules (1/e)
x1 S21 Mourning (1/e)
x1 S22 Joystick (1/e)

x1 C69 110% (Unlim Foil)
x1 C112 Shadow Control (Unlim Foil)

x1 Heroes Set (Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama) (1/e non-Foil)
x1 R24 Miyuki, of the Triad (1/e non-Foil)
x1 R27 Yusuke, Human World's Hero (1/e non-Foil)
x1 R40 Resurrection (1/e non-Foil)
x1 R45 Psychic Scalpel (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C47 Enki, the Champion (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C48 Genkai, Wise Master (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C49 Hiei, the Demon World's Protector (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C51 Jin, Carefree Spirit (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C57 Kurama, the Uniting (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C61 Raizen, Fasting Devourer (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C62 Rinku, Acrobatic Fighter (1/e non-Foil)
x3 C74 Gale Force (1/e non-Foil)
x1 C115 Spirit Wave Orb (1/e non-Foil)
+a bunch more, just ask!

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Attained 2 copies of the Kid Buu Saga insert I was interested in. I am still trying to get just 1 more copy. If anyone has it, I'll pay $6 including shipping!

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