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Black Perceptive Trunks (Looking for Suggestions)

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Trunks Protective

Trunks Resolved

Trunks Defiant  

Trunks Young Super Saiyan

Perceptive Mastery



Aggressive Sword Drill x2 

Black Rupture Drill x2

Black Absorption Drill x1

Black Smoothness Drill x1



Dr Brief, Analyzing x1



Visiting the Past x2

Ocular Pat Down x2


Physical Combat

Black Gut Crusher x3

Black Double Team x2

Black Sword Rush x2

Trunks’ Sword Slash x2

Trunks’ Knee Bash x3

Trunks’ Slam x1

Dashing Sword Attack x2

Black Judgement Rush x2

Black Upward Dodge x3

Black Stop x3

Black Knee Catch x3

Black Flying Kick x3

Pulverize x1


Energy Combat

Black Teamwork x2

Black Counter Ball x2

Black Swipe x3  

Black Corruption x3

Black Adaptation x3  



Black Restoration x2

Defiant Challenge x2 

Black Interrogation x2

Time is a Warrior’s Tool 

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I'll happily hazard a few suggestions for the deck, but before I do so fully, can I ask what you're hoping for from the deck? I can hazard a couple of guesses judging from the recipe (Sword, Defiant Challenger to replenish the above, Teamwork & Counter Ball to hit the opponent's endurance, a fair amount of discard banishment), but I'd like to know for sure what your main aim is with getting help.

A few things I will say immediately is that you should probably lose Black Sword Rush. It's okay on paper, but in application, it doesn't really do that much (even when the second effect triggers), and you've not maxed out other fairly important Sword cards like Dashing Sword Attack (and arguably Trunks' Sword Slash). Similarly, you definitely want to change out Resolved for Frenzied. Resolved doesn't screen enough to really change either player's fate, and banishing from a player's drop is just straight not worth that much.

You should straight up lose Black Restoration and Interrogation. Neither of them are nearly as good as they look without the right personality, and Trunks is definitely NOT the right personality. They both take up an action/card in hand, and the most you'll get with Interrogation is forcing both players to go -1. That doesn't actually present any hard advantage/value while taking up very vital space. Similarly, Restoration is really meh for taking up an action. As I said prior, banishing from a player's drop isn't that high-value a mechanic since the majority of personalities are un-phased and will take the opportunity to get ahead of you. Not to mention the fact that it just doesn't factor into any win conditions.
Not to say that it should be dismissed completely, as it can be handy, but it should never take up a card in your hand and should only be a secondary effect on something that furthers a win con.

Put in a pair of Heroic Dashing Punches. They're not strictly necessary for all hero builds, but you're doing physical beats, so... I'd say it's just hard-value overall?

Also, you're not running any freestyle drills besides Aggressive, and you don't have the hard anger to level off of 1 immediately. You might want to screen through the Freestyle Drills just to find something else to give you that extra oomph after you've dropped A. Sword Drill. I'd say to trade out Black Absorption to that end, since Absorption just doesn't offer that much hard value to Trunks. Same can be said for Black Smoothness Drill, but that one opens more doors in the way of being able to pass without losing high-value cards. I still don't really like it though tbh, and I would say to replace both with freestyle drill techs.

Honestly, your base concept here seems fine, and it shows that you've got an interest in some alternative styles of play, but there are a lot of cards in here that just aren't necessary and don't do enough to be worthwhile (Ocular Pat Down being one of them). Come back to me on what you're wanting from this deck, but I will pre-emptively say that you shouldn't be too worried about building synergies for Black Teamwork and Black Counter Ball. This game is ridiculously Endurance heavy, and both of those will be very much alive and very much deadly just from a few skirmishes without anything else helping. They both also cap out at 10 cards in your opponent's banish, so there is sincerely no reason to focus on that.

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Wow, that's a lot! Thanks, some good points brought up here. The point of it is, as you guessed it, physical beats. Then get into Counter Ball and Teamwork later in the game for some hard damage. Thanks for bringing up the point on being to banish-heavy, I'll have to change that. Luckily, I have the Ascension Trunks stack sitting around somewhere, so I'll have to look into that. Losing Black Restoration and Interrogation surprised me though. They seemed like such good cards. I was thinking about changing Knee Catch for energized guard, thoughts on that? You also mentioned not having enough anger, would black hug maneuver be good for the +2 anger, or is something else better? Thanks again! 

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Also, I'm not sure if I can fit in Heroic Dashing... as I've already used all 4 proxies: Time is a Warrior's Tool, 2 Defiant Challenges, and an A. Sword Drill. Are  any of these worth replacing for the Dashing Punch? 

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7 hours ago, Justafig said:

Also, I'm not sure if I can fit in Heroic Dashing... as I've already used all 4 proxies: Time is a Warrior's Tool, 2 Defiant Challenges, and an A. Sword Drill. Are  any of these worth replacing for the Dashing Punch? 

Defiant Challenge is less worthwhile than Heroic Dashing imo, but they both do very different things. One can enable Trunks' Knee Bash, which is a high value card, while the other is just a high-value card itself. I'd say try the deck out with both against different people and figure out which one you like most.

As for Black Restoration and Interrogation, again, they both CAN be solid cards with the right personality match. The downside is that Trunks doesn't actually get any value out of them, and given that all of your most important cards are Banish After Use or have Endurance, you're really not getting anything special out of Restoration's rejuv. And unfortunately, a 3 card rejuv isn't worth an action when your opponent can easily swat you down an extra 5 life cards in retaliation.
I've already said why Interrogation doesn't really work with your theme.

And the issue with Anger is mostly just that there's almost no way you can 100% guarantee you'll skip past 1 on the first combat. Things like Black Hug Maneuver alleviate the burden considerably (and yeah, I'd say to use Black Hug Maneuver personally), but you've also got a lot of cards that don't give anger lined up in the bench-lines and will have to deal with your opponent's anti-anger. Depending on match-up, you'd probably be looking at 2-3 turns between levels.

Which isn't a bad thing, mind you. Only specific personalities SHOULD go hard on Black MPPV, and pretty much all the best Black cards don't involve anger. So it's not remedying the anger issue you should be focused on, but more getting continuous value out of your Level 1 while you build up to 2. You also don't want to be hitting 3 or 4 with this deck, since that would blow up all your drills and you don't have any reliable way to rebuild the board, so it should be an act of balancing anger gain with high value utility cards.


Having gone through the deck in full now, these are the changes I think you should make:

- 1 Black Absorption Drill


- 2 Ocular Pat down

This one is dependent on the meta, but in the current format, there are a LOT of MPPV/Survival double threats so Ocular has become a lot less useful and too conditional.


- 2 Black Double Team

Too conditional and doesn't do enough.

-2  Black Sword Rush

I've said it before, but the card isn't necessary in favor of stronger Sword cards. Even if all conditions are met, it's just not doing enough to have a place over Trunks' Sword Slash or Dashing Sword Attack.

- 3 Black Flying Kick

This card doesn't really offer enough either. It's got low endurance, low damage and only banishes 3 cards.

- 1 Pulverize

Personally, I love Pulverize. I think it's a perfectly good card. But it's a card you need to dedicate to. Just running 1 really won't do enough and you don't have the room in here to run 3 right now.


- 2 Black Restoration

- 2 Black Interrogation


+ 1 Freestyle Drill of your choice (I like Lookout Drill)

+ 1 Trunks' Sword Slash

Named card, huge banish effect, chains into Black Teamwork and Counter Ball and gains benefits from Trunks - Frenzied and A. Sword Drill. This is as high value as it comes.
+2 Trunks' Slam

Combat ender if it follows a block. Really valuable considering just the sheer number of blocks you're running.

+ 1 Dashing Sword Attack

+ 2 Heroic Dashing Punch

+ 2-3 Black Vehicle Toss

This card is just an overall staple in Black tbh. It's only a slight modifier in stages and life, but it stacks fast over a game.

+ 2-3 Black Dismissal/Black Hug Maneuver

Black Dismissal is just an objectively good card with a lot of value to it. Lowering the opponent's anger, gaining anger, restoring stages and flat stage damage. Black Hug doesn't do terribly much in comparison, but is good for the anger gain.


+ 1 Black Teamwork

SUCH a good card because it ignores Endurance. If it hits, it is almost definitely going to be a flat 10 life cards gone. Honest to god, this card alone is what makes me want to play Black.


Alright, I've left you a couple of spaces to work with provided you put everything in at the minimum I've recommended there. These two spots can be used for pretty much anything you want, but be mindful that it needs to compliment your win condition and that you seriously don't need any more grave banishment then what you've got here already, so if a card banishes from the opponent's drop, make sure it does significantly more than just that.

Also, as a side note, you've got a LOT of blocks in here and quite a few of them could stand to be changed around. I've not gone into that here, but if you get OCTGN set up, you should be able to find a few better blocks by going through the database.

As a side, is this for casual play with mates, or are you building to a tournament?

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Do I really have a lot of blocks? So you're telling me my formula of about 10 energy and 10 physical blocks was wrong? Then I have got a few decks to go back and revise then... how many blocks do you recommend? I play with a few of my friends, but we're looking to up our decks power wise without changing who we play as and what style we use (one of us plays Orange Nappa). So, semi-competitive would probably be the best way to describe it? 

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1 hour ago, Justafig said:

Do I really have a lot of blocks? So you're telling me my formula of about 10 energy and 10 physical blocks was wrong?

It's not that you've got too many blocks, I didn't mean it like that. Just that you're on the upper end of blocks in your ratio with around 40% of your deck being blocks, and most of them are hard blocks (instead of omni-blocks, ie. Time is a Warrior's Tool, Enhanced Reflexes, etc.) Personally, I tend to go for around 6-9 hard physical blocks, and maybe 6 hard energy blocks depending on what my locals is seeing a lot of? And even then, where possible, I'll favor omni-blocks over hard blocks where possible.

Do note though that this isn't advice to die by. A lot of cards can only be blocked by hard blocks (Gohan's entire level 4 awakening makes omni-blocks a lot less useful). I just tend to find that omnis work better in a general sense, and let me save a lot of room. So for example, I'd run both Time and Enhanced Reflexes and count them both in my Physical and Energy Blocks, which means I save 3 cards I would've put into those hard blocks.

My point with that was more that you should look through the blocks that Black offers, and maybe consider changing some of them out. But I don't really know your options in terms of cards you own, so I'm not going to give you a bigger load of cards to go hunting for when it isn't a strictly necessary change.

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