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Black Mischievous Goku (1st attempt)

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DrawGoku Lv. 1-4

Black Mischievous Mastery




3 Black Hug Maneuver

3 Black Combo

3 Black Dash

3 Black Sword Attack

3 Black Sword Rush

3 Black Lunge

3 Black Chin Kick

3 Black Strike

3 Black Dismissal

3 Black Stop

3 Black Knee Catch

3 Black Energized Guard

3 Devastating Blow

3 Shoulder Slam

2 Heroic Dashing Punch




3 Black Destructive Beam

3 Black Swirl

3 Black Resistance




3 Black Schematics

3 Black Scout Maneuver

1 Time is a Warrior's Tool


Usually the decks that I create and play are orange so I rarely build any black arch types with the exception of black Krillin years ago so my understanding is limited for black. I tried to build a simple anger beats deck with card advantage. Focus is anger so I ran a lack of drills/setups black has and tried to waste less actions during combat. That's also why cards like Confrontation are absent as well, but wonder if they should be included. There is high endurance against energy attacks and if I can't level fast enough for physicals. I thought about taking out Black Swirl for something since the anger is HIT and no card endurance, but don't know what to add. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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If you’re going black physical beats definitely recommend looking at Black Judgement Rush, I’ll Dig Your Grave, and Suppressive Strike. If you want to push MPPV, Black Command is a classic.


Black Palm Blast might be a cool one for Drawku to abuse too because of the insane damage you get for 1 stage, anger, and endurance. Generally people find Black aggro to be underwhelming.

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So I understand not wanting Confrontation but you should certainly be running 3 Spheres, especially since you will be dumping all your cards (attacks) each combat anyway, might as well hold on to that sphere in your hand until you need it. Orange Meditation is enough reason alone to run spheres imo. 

I'd also reccommend running Black Searching Techniques and VTP's as your only dead draws if you can manage it, but I understand if that is undermining the goal of this deck. 

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