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Red Amplified Cooler and Blue Resolute Gohan

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Hello, I posted a deck list not too long ago about a Perceptive Trunks deck, received some suggestions, and re-made the deck. After this, I challenged a friend of mine who runs Red Amplified Cooler. We used to be roughly evenly matched, but he no longer stands a chance. He wanted some suggestions on the deck, so I told him I'd ask here. Anyway, here's the deck list, suggestions appreciated. 

(I'm not going to leave the mastery and personalities, pretty self-explanatory) 


Red Intimidation Drill x2 

Red Speedy Drill x2

Red Controlled Anger Drill x2


Instant Transmission Technique x1


Defiant Challenge x2 

Red Announcement x2 


King Cold - Caught off Guard x1

Salza - Henchmen x1 

Energy Combat 

Red Heating Beams x2 

Red Cannon x2 

Cooler's Supernova x2 

Red Frenzied Blasts x2

Red Energy Outburst x2

Red Hurl x2

Torturous Volley x2

Red Training Burst x2

Red Double Blast x2

Red Controlled Blast x3

 Red Freezing Beam x2 

Red Energy Blast x2 

Red Vault x3

Red Brace x2 

Red Flee x2 

Cooler's Rebirth x1 

Physical Combat 

Red Power Lift x2 

Red Sword Stab x3 

Red Cross Block x2

Red Duck x3 

Red Reverse x2 

Red Blocking Hand x2 

That's all for that. His main strategy is to beat down with energy attacks. He also goes for rejuvenation and drills. Secondly, another friend of mine is getting into the game, and is building a blue Resolute Gohan. He uses the Gohan from Vengeance, and then 2-4 of Awakening. Any suggestions of how to build this, looking at Mill/Physical Beats? 

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There’s a few cards that he’s just not running enough of. Supernova is 100% all the time a 3x in any Cooler deck. The card is unarguably one the top 5 best named cards in the game. Drill line is a little weak. Definitely needs Despair Drill, Forward Stance Drill, and probably Embarassing Drill for his Combined Blasts. I would drop Training Blast, Frenzied Blasts, Energy Outburst, Heating Beams, Double Blast, and Red Sword Stab. Definitely add 2-3 Red Right Punch. Make Energy Blast a 3 of. If you want more physical damage go Red Pound over Sword Stab. It’s damage is good and you can proc it with the mastery. Look at Red Relaxation and VtP. I would drop the allies all together but if not run Overpowering Attack so he has a way to tutor them. I would drop Red Reverse if you are not running unleashed. Make Red Blocking Hand a 3 of. He may have good luck throwing seven dragon balls in with Red Bribes as well. I got creamed by an amp cooler that was setup this way the other day.

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